Patients Get Help Paying for Pricey Prescriptions

have been writing about high drug prices for decades, but the problem of prescriptions exceeding the capacity of patients to pay for them has only worsened. The pharmaceutical industry has recognized this problem. As a gesture of goodwill, many companies offer to help poor patients to pay for their prescription drugs expensive. A reader wrote to remind us of these programs:

P A woman recently wrote you about not be able to afford the drugs her husband for diabetes . His choice was food or medicine.

pharmaceutical companies Help Out

I just wanted his readers to know that many of the major pharmaceutical companies have programs to help people who can not afford their medications. My mother gets a heart medicine Tikosyn and medicine to lower cholesterol Zetia free with these programs. All that is needed is usually a form to be filled out by your doctor and is renewed every year.

My child receives a discount on your infusion Remicade helps with your co-payment. Such programs make vital available to people who could not afford otherwise medications. first

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A. patient assistance programs (PAP) have been available for a long time. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is a trade organization of the major pharmaceutical companies brand. Acts as a clearinghouse to facilitate free access to brand name drugs to .

The problem is that you have to pass stricter eligibility requirements. People have to be uninsured, not Medicaid or Medicare Part D, and have a very low income to qualify ( Innovations in Pharmacy , Vol 3, No. 1, 2012 ) . That excludes a large part of the population, including people who find it very difficult to pay their expensive prescriptions.

People who passed strict eligibility requirements can benefit PAP, but it will be useful to recruit their doctors as allies in this effort.

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