Patient in Severe Pain Suddenly Cut Off from Vicodin

Much has been written in recent months about the abuse of opioid narcotics. The FDA, CDC, DEA and other federal agencies have been warning all about opioid overdose and death. However, in the last three years opioid prescriptions were reduced in 49 states. What is rarely mentioned is what happens when patients with severe pain are cut from Vicodin or other pain medication that have depended on for years. This is one of those sad stories:

P After much trial and error, my doctor and I finally found a medication (Vicodin) that helps my severe arthritis of the neck, as well as my debilitating migraines. He had to change doctors when mine retired. The new principle had no problem prescribing Vicodin I have been using with caution for at least five years.

Then out of nowhere, without any explanation, he said he would not give me any sequence of additional commands to Vicodin and had to find someone who would.

I went to a rheumatologist who will not give me Vicodin, but me being injected with cortisone and gave me three more than I ever had before and not work recipes. I have never abused Vicodin in any way. I feel that, like so many others, I am suffering because of those who abuse opioids.

A. We have heard from hundreds of people like you who are in chronic pain was well controlled with opioid medications such as hydrocodone ( Lortab Norco Vicodin ). When such drugs moved DEA Schedule III to Schedule II became much more difficult for people to get these painkillers. Some found they were suddenly isolated from Vicodin or other pain reliever containing hydrocodone, because these drugs became too much of a hassle for some doctors.

Unintended Consequences of the War of opioids:

The goal was noble: to prevent abuse and narcotics overdose deaths. Other federal agencies also have spoken out against the use of long-term opioids for chronic pain.

As a result, many doctors have become reluctant to prescribe these drugs, even when patients are in excruciating pain.

What happens when cut Vicodin?

Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives. NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or naproxen may be useful in some cases, but can not alleviate acute pain. They also come with their own serious side effects such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, fluid retention, heart failure, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, ringing in the ears and aggravation of asthma. It is not clear how many people die each year from NSAIDs, but would not be surprised if the number was substantially greater than overdose of opiates.

Cortisone has its own complications. Osteonecrosis (bone death) can cause severe disability. Such injections may also cause thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) and tendon rupture. Pain and swelling around a joint often gets worse before it gets better.

Some doctors are asking questions about the Panic of opioids:

An article in SCIENCE REPORT WORLD points out that some people in severe pain have used opioid analgesics responsibly to relieve his agony:

“Dr. Daniel Carr, program director of the School of Medicine Tufts in education and research policy pain, said the climate has changed definitely. he explained that it is now one of dislike, fear of the consequences and administrative obstacles hindered. he added that many patients who need opiates have been caught in that response. ”

You may need to consult a pain specialist to see if there is a strategy that can help you run.

To read more about the problems that other people have suffered because of the repression of the opioid prescriptions check out this link .

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