Parenting Strategies To Get You Through Your Worst Days

They have all experienced. Those days when we feel we can not go on.

The house is a disaster, children are wild and hungry, there are lots of clothes to be folded, the tasks, bags to be packed for the next day, washing dishes, and is exhausted and overwrought and just they want to go to bed.

How will you get through? How can you get everyone fed and bathed and in bed lying on the floor in a fetal position and crying?

Well, the ideal is that you can call your partner or mother or babysitter or neighbor to kindly take over. Unfortunately, many of us do not have that option.
And so, for those of you who just have to fight through, I have some strategies proven over time to try.

1. Sit, just for a second, amidst all the chaos. Grab a piece of paper. Write down everything you have to do before going to sleep, leaving aside everything that can be postponed until you feel better.

• Laundry
• Dinner
• school lunches
• bathroom
• Wash dishes

Having a list helps to see that there is a beginning and – most importantly – the order of tasks. It allows you to feel more in control. Then, as you mark each task off your list, you can see that it is getting closer and closer to bedtime.

2. Make the minimum. If children had baths yesterday, you can skip bath today. If they do not have food in their hair, they do not need a shampoo. If they had told you you’d make a cake today, or help build its new Lego tower, or make art, or go to the park to fly kites, and simply can not cope with it, then say it. Say: “Sorry, I do not feel very well, we will do tomorrow instead.” The sky will not fall if you can not give their children all desires.

3. TV is your friend. Or the computer. Or your mobile phone. Push their children ahead of them and keep the blame. If you are just hanging by a thread, forget deadlines and Internet outages and the evils of screens. Use what you can to spend the day.

4. Breathe. One step at a time. If you can afford to takeout or delivery even do. Save yourself the hassle of cooking and washing dishes.

6. If you can not afford to take, then cook something basic – something that requires the least amount of cleaning later. This is not the night to make cutlets from scratch, or a cake with his own homemade crust.

Complies with pasta, toasted sandwiches, eggs on toast, baked beans or similar – enough to fill more than children without straining. And remember, your children will not have scurvy if they lose their vegetables for a day, and will not have iron deficiency without one serving of meat.

7. Connect the headset. Listen to music or a podcast can help you through the preparation of food or folding laundry or washing dishes.

8. Remember that we all have difficult days, and that tomorrow will be better. Or the next day. Or the one after that. This will happen too.

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