Panasilver – Activation Products’ Immune System Silver Elixir?

Silver Immune System

PanaSilver is a supplement to support the immune system daily allegedly used by the US Army to boost the immune system of their soldiers. See how it works today PanaSilver in our opinion.

What is PanaSilver?

PanaSilver is an elixir of immune stimulation, according to the supplement manufacturers, “the US Army secretly slips the backpack of every soldier.”

As part of an exclusive agreement online, a website called has made a “very limited supply” of PanaSilver available “for the civilian population of the United States.”

The supplement makes huge other claims. It is claimed to be effective in killing some of the most dangerous viruses in the world, including Anthrax, plague, hospital staph, and SARS. Silver also by American settlers, who threw silver coins into wells and water barrels as a purification system is allegedly used.

PanaSilver intended to be an effective way of bioavailable silver is not toxic to humans. It is taken daily for boost your immune system and leave full of energy, vitality and health.

Silver in PanaSilver really work? We will learn more about how it works.

How does PanaSilver work?

PanaSilver says it uses a highly bioavailable form of silver to boost your immune system. Silver in PanaSilver works in three main ways:

– First, the silver particles (called silver ions) have a positive electrical charge that is attracted to the membranes of cells negative charge bacteria – something like two magnets coming together. Silver then draws a piece of membrane of bacteria, ripping a hole in the outer cell wall of bacteria, causing it to break or collapse. This is the method of action that effectively kills viruses and bacteria in your body. Human cells, by the way, have cell walls that are too thick to be hit by the silver, so the rest of your body is not affected.

– Second, the silver ions bind strongly to element sulfur. Sulfur is the binding element proteins of bacteria together. When sulfur is attached to this glue sulfur, which prevents bacteria and sulfur access, so starvation.

– Third and last, the silver causes bacteria to produce poisonous substances called “reactive oxygen species” that destroy bacteria from the inside out. PanaSilver manufacturers explain that this is “like a fire inside the bacteria.”

The end result of all this activity is that germs “have no chance.” Silver “completely erase them.”

People have believed in the benefits of silver for long. The problem, of course, is how to get the silver in his body. You can not just chew a piece of silver. So instead, some people use colloidal silver, which is like a tonic liquid silver.

However, colloidal silver can have serious side effects on the body – even turn your blue skin if used over a long period of time

PanaSilver, on the other hand, agrees. to minimize these side effects by creating silver solution that is highly dissolved in water. The creators of claim PanaSilver charged silver and water “, with more than 10,000 volts of electricity in a carefully controlled process”, causing silver particles to bond with water molecules in a particular way.

This ends up creating Sol de Plata, where it is sold is short for hydrosol. A hydrosol is a solution in which the particles are dispersed in pure water.

By taking the silver sun daily PanaSilver, you can enjoy all the benefits of silver with none of the disadvantages. Silver is harmless to humans, “even 200 times the standard dose.” Healthy cells are left untouched.

This Silver Sol technology is “the only patented and scientifically silver solution on the market proven.”

For all these reasons, claims to be the best solution PanaSilver world silver available today. While other companies announce their own liquid silver, PanaSilver technology claims to be the best at delivering real benefits to the health of your body.

price PanaSilver

This is how the pricing PanaSilver breaks:

  • 1 bottle: $ 34 + shipping
  • 4 bottles: $ 128 + shipping
  • 12 Bottles: $ 348 + shipping

As you can see, the price low bottle when you buy more PanaSilver, but always remains around $ 30 bottle.

All purchases come with a 60 day guarantee. If you do not feel cleansed, refreshed and healthier after 60 days, then you can return PanaSilver for a full refund (minus shipping costs).

manufacturers PanaSilver claim that only a small number of bottles were released to civilians in the United States, and that the supplement is commonly used by the US Army, in which each soldier has PanaSilver in his backpack. It is not clear what the connection is between PanaSilver and the United States Army, but appears to be nothing more than marketing hype.

Who does PanaSilver?

PanaSilver is made by a company called activation products. That company was founded by Ian Clark.

Ian Clark and his team activation products sold in a variety of nutritional supplements, including Live Ocean (a supplement liquid marine phytoplankton), ease of magnesium 8 oz (A brain, muscle, bone and supplement), and Panaseeda supplements (using a pure and condensed form of amaranth oil to deliver antioxidants in your system).

The product activation page “Our History” describes how Ian is not a doctor or scientist: he is just a person who began to connect the dots after getting seriously ill, overweight, and sick ago 8 years old


He began researching ways to cleanse your body, reduce your risk of disease, and make supplements that provide real benefits to your body.

Currently, the company makes its additions with European engineers and ingredients “ultra pure” free of pollution, toxicity, heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants.

The company is headquartered in the UK at the following address:

72 High Street
Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LA

Although the company has It headquartered in the UK, which holds two international offices in Canada and the United States. You can see more information contact here:

must be used PanaSilver for better health?

The silver is one of the oldest substances used to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of disease. modern scientific evidence has shown that silver may have some effect on the body. More importantly, it also shows that it is safe to use and does not accumulate in the system.

If you believe in the benefits of silver, then PanaSilver appears to be a highly concentrated nutritional supplement, with fair prices that makes it easy to take your desired amount of silver every day.

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