OxyMica20 – The Super Detox & Cleanse Supplement?

OxyMica20 is a new dietary supplement that promises to detox your body in a “super powers “. Here is our opinion OxyMica20.

What is OxyMica20?

OxyMica20 is a detox supplement that promises to help any person lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins. The supplement is specifically targeted to women, although it seems that anyone can use the supplement.

Some of the promised benefits of the supplement include:

– lose weight and feel great

– feel energized by a body free of toxins

– Both men and women can get the lean, toned body they’ve always wanted

the supplement is taken daily and is committed to using “natural mineral technology” flush toxins away from her body.

OxyMica20 is priced at $ 89.95 a month’s supply – even if you buy through the “ trial offer “, in which only pays shipping today ($ 9.95), but pay $ 89.95 just two weeks later [

What can you expect from your detox supplement of $ 100? Let’s see how it works OxyMica20.

How does OxyMica20 work?

OxyMica20 claims to work using a natural mineral mixture containing things like magnesium, iron and aluminum.

There is also another ingredient called Themarox that basically seems to work like super-purified mineral water.

If you look at the dosages for each of the minerals, you will find that are usually a little less than what is recommended to take when cleaning your body. Here are those doses:

– Magnesium 1.7 mg
– Iron: 5 mg
– Aluminum: 4.3 mg
– Potassium: 840ugl
– Proprietary Blend: 20 % Themarox “concentrated mineral solution / complex salt; super-purified mineral water”

together, these ingredients promise to push the toxins from your body.

Unfortunately, most sources seem to indicate that the ingredients are vastly underpowered. For example, WebMD.com states that you should take as much as 30 grams of magnesium to cleanse your body, compared to the measly 1.7 mg included in OxyMica20. This is what recommends WebMD.com based on the different types of magnesium available:

– magnesium citrate: 8.75 to 25 grams
– Magnesium Hydroxide: 2.4 to 4.8 grams
– magnesium sulfate: 10 to 30 grams

As you can see, even if you chose the lowest amount recommended the most powerful type of magnesium, would remain significantly OxyMica20 less than the recommended dose.

Note : in some packages to OxyMica20, the manufacturer claims that the supplement contains 8.4 grams of magnesium, which is equivalent to 500 mg of magnesium sulfate. Based on that information, OxyMica20 with less than 5% of the minimum recommended dose of magnesium (10 grams or 10,000 mg) sulfate, which is ridiculously underpowered for any supplement.

Magnesium works cleanse the body , as normally used to treat constipation -. Even if the dose OxyMica20 is unfortunately small

Only one other ingredient OxyMica20 that appears to be supported by any type of clinical trials: aluminum is often used in antacids supplements because it has been shown that relieve heartburn , upset stomach and acid indigestion.

Unfortunately for manufacturers OxyMica20, none of the other components have the same clinical evidence behind them.

However, let’s take a look at Themarox. Because if you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of it before.

What is Themarox?

Themarox is one of the active ingredients in OxyMica20. It is a patented formula made by a Japanese pharmaceutical company called Shimanishi Kaken Co., Ltd.

That company describes its formula as “an extract mineral vermiculite in liquid form with a mineral salt content of about twenty hundred.”

In other words, it is salt water thrown vermiculite. Vermiculite is a mineral known for its ability to expand considerably. At high temperatures, vermiculite flakes can be expanded by 10 to 30 times their size.

Unfortunately, there is no clinical evidence that vermiculite or Themarox can cleanse the body or provide any health benefits – so it is not clear why the mineral suspension has been added to complement [

for more information on Themarox, you can read the website of the US official distributor here: Themaroxdirect.com

OxyMica20 ingredients

OxyMica20 Ingredients

in addition to the above ingredients, OxyMica20 contains a variety of natural and botanical extracts of herbs, all of which have been used traditionally to cleanse the body .

Like the minerals mentioned above, there is limited scientific evidence that any of these ingredients work to effectively remove toxins from the body. Here is the complete list of ingredients:

OxyMica20 pricing

OxyMica20 is available online through TryOxyMica20.com. You can not find in any other online store or source. The official site is the only place to get it.

Making things even more restrictive for consumers is that you can not just order a bottle of the supplement. If you want to order only a bottle, you are forced to subscribe automatically transfers lifelong supplement. It is not a joke. This is how the pricing breaks down:

– 3 Month Supply: $ 198.95
– 6 month supply :. $ 298.95
– trial offer: $ 89.95 + $ 9.95 S + H

Why is the latest offering called “trial” offers? Well, you only pay $ 9.95 S + H for the first 20 days. Then on the 20th, you are charged the full price of $ 89.95 bottle already received, and then you can continue to receive monthly shipments of complement at a price of $ 89.95 + $ 9.95 S + H to cancel.

If you do not cancel, then you will continue to receive supplements for the rest of your life. Call the customer service line manufacturer at 877-679-7737 to cancel.

Who does OxyMica20?

OxyMica20 is made by a company called minerals Health Sciences, LLC.

That company is headquartered at the following address:

Minerals Health Sciences, LLC.
Alma Lee 881 Dr. Ste # 205
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

You can contact the company by email to [email protected] or by phone at 877- 679-7737.

Minerals Health Sciences, LLC

Health Sciences Search minerals, LLC reveals very few results. It seems that OxyMica20 is only supplement company.

The only information we have of Health Sciences minerals, LLC is the company owned or registered by a guy named Chad A Grange, who lives in Pacific Palisades, California.

Ultimately, OxyMica20 seems to be another face “ detoxification ” supplement that does not have the ingredients to support their health claims in bold. Despite having a decent mix of minerals and botanicals, some ingredients are supported by real scientific evidence up or clinical trials.

Worse, OxyMica20 itself has never gone through a clinical trial. For all these reasons, OxyMica20 not seem like a detox supplement worth anywhere near the price of $ 100.

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