Overcome Swollen, Tired And Painful Legs With These Tricks

As a result of standing for a long time throughout the day, many people suffer from tired legs and swollen.

This problem usually occurs in people who stand for long, especially those whose work requires many hours of being in a standing position: merchandiser, barbers, bakers …


When walking or running, the muscles below the knees assist in the process of pumping blood to the heart, in a way that pressure blood vessels. Anyway, for a long period of time it is placed in the same position, blood can accumulate in the legs and therefore cause a feeling of fatigue and swollen legs, which later certainly cause pain and fatigue. If these symptoms occur repeated after a while, it is a clear sign that the vein system is overloaded legs. Because of this, after a while, it is treated with varicose veins.

How to prevent your legs and inflammation damage is done to the end of the day?

There are several preventive measures that can be applied in order to reduce the discomfort that causes varicose veins. In the same way also you are able to avoid or at least delay the process occurrence of varicose veins.

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Regulate your body weight and diet

excess pounds will also load veins, doing their job and more difficult to do function. It is very important to pay attention to what you eat -. Ensure that intake less salt, increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber


Moves ! Thus muscles improve vein circulate in the blood vessels of the vein pressure. Walking, running, sport; She chose physical activity that suits you the most.

Avoid long periods of either sitting or standing

In the case standing for a long period time is inevitable, at least you can change the leg that gets your body weight in order to somehow stimulate the process of circulation of blood. Preferably, a walk by every half hour.

Avoid wearing high heels

When using normal shoes, calves are more active, to Unlike when wearing high heels. Also, be sure to avoid wearing clothing too tight because this way the blood circulation will be slower, which is very bad for health in general.

Do not sit cross-legged

Experts advise not sit cross-legged, because so session could cause problems with blood circulation and thus harden the return of blood back to the heart.

fruit extract horse chestnut is considered to be a very effective solution against varicose veins, used against chronic venous insufficiency, as a result of the varicose vein, in which if the blood has trouble trying to return Note the heart. buckeye will help significantly when it comes to reducing both inflammation and pain caused by varicose veins. cream ointment is used externally in a gel form, etc. When it is used inside, it can be used as an extract in capsules or tablets.

Source: healthyfoodstar

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