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More than 40 Solution Ab is a new diet plan that promises to help any man or woman stubborn fat cells away in just 12 minutes a day shrink. Here’s our view of how it works Over 40 Ab solution.

What is above 40 Solution Ab?

More than 40 Solution Ab is a power system that comes in the form of an electronic book or printed text. The book is priced at $ 20 and is aimed at anyone over 40 who has had trouble weight loss . This should not be confused with the Abs After 40 Program have examined above.

Indeed, the book is called “the greatest advance exercise” for men and women over 40 years old

Some of the other promises made in the book include:

-Increase metabolic rate and fat burning for more than 38 hours using a second simple movement 20

tighten sagging skin and realize the embarrassing spots

youth -Reactivate hormones up to 450%

like many diet books and exercise available today, more than 40 Ab Solution frequently mentioned that patterns of diet and traditional exercise do not work effectively in men and women over 40 years old. Repeated exercise increases your belly fat hormone, increases the desire to eat, and can lead to long-term joint damage to muscles.

Following the teachings of diet and exercise alternatives described in more than 40 Solution Ab, supposedly you can lose weight in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how it works Over 40 Ab solution.

How does Ab Over 40 working solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution is based on a concept called metabolic training area. That’s just a fancy way of saying High Intensity Interval Training . Metabolic training area makes it possible to exercise effectively for a short time only 3 times a week.

As the creators of more than 40 Solution Ab explain:

“Only one measly hour of exercise per week, over the course of just 7 days, which results take up 6 hours of cardio or traditional aerobic exercise. ”

These exercises crank up your metabolism and burning calories, so your body continues to lose weight even when you’re not exercising particular.

Over 40 Ab Solution also states that these exercises stimulate the production of your body or human growth hormone HGH by 450% “up to 24 hours.” HGH is a critical hormone the body uses to repair itself, and more than 40 Solution Ab says that HGH can also be used to burn fat in your body.

metabolic training area is also known as the “Source 12 Minute youth Protocol”. It includes the following three areas:

-Zone 1 :. Primes your metabolism and hormones burn stubborn belly fa t every time you are following the exercise 12 minutes

-Zone 2 :. Activate your fountain of youth to release fat cells trapped

-Zone 3 :. Shrinking and the most stubborn fat from your body burns and prevents it becomes

Obviously, each of these “zones” is simply a different kind of fat burning. But progress through training programs contained in Over 40 Solution Ab, you can progress through the three zones and finally get the “abs over 40” that was promised when he bought more than 40 Solution Ab.

Apart from the list of these three areas, more than 40 Ab Solution provides very little information about how the training program works. The product sales page is full of testimonials from customers, although none of these testimonies widely explain how over 40 Ab The solution works or what it really does to your body.

what is included with more than 40 Solution Ab?

Over 40 Ab Solution includes all of the following characteristics:

– More than 40 Manual Training Ab Solution:

Includes 50 pages of tables of exercises (diaries 12 minute workouts) for a total of 20 different exercises. Each exercise is designed to engage different parts of your body. The exercises do not require a gym membership and no equipment – just your body weight and 12 minutes of free time per day

– follows Success Tracker:

allows you to track your success, goals, weight loss and long-term results.

– Quick Start Guide

This is the condensed version of the solution for 40 Ab. It promises to help you follow the program, even if you have a busy life. The program is stripped to the essentials -. So you can open and start working almost immediately

– Solving persistent fat:

is a daily exercise program 7 minutes promises help to “extract trapped fat cells of their problem areas “.

– Support 19:

The 19 Lean teaches you how to eat the right combination of foods to stabilize blood sugar and keep your body constantly burning fat 24/7.

You can choose to receive the books in e-book or hardcopy format (although you will have to pay an extra charge for shipping when the physical copy is chosen).

Over 40 Ab Solution prices

More than 40 Solution Ab announced at an initial price of $ 80 (or $ 80 + shipping and handling for the printed copy). However, the website discount code 75% discount is automatically applied to your purchase price, bringing the price to $ 20 for any issue.

The coupon code is always available. If the code says “exhausted”, then simply press the “refresh” button on the page to activate the discounts instantly again. This is how the pricing is broken down:

-Digital Copy: $ 20

printed copy: $ 20 + $ 7.95 S + H

There is a problem with the purchase Over 40 online Ab Solution: forces the company to subscribe to any website $ 7 per month weight loss. No ability to uncheck the box next to this option on the sales page.

That $ 7 per month weight loss website is called the “thin in 12 Club” and is described as a “publication quality including nutritional advice, exercises, recipes and more. ” a free trial is obtained during the first 30 days, but that is automatically subscribed to the website for $ 7 per month thereafter. You will need to call or email Over 40 Solution Ab cancel this subscription website if you do not want manually.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank. You can use any credit card or PayPal.

Who makes more than 40 Solution Ab?

More than 40 Solution Ab is made by the husband and wife joined called Shaun and Karen.

This is the story of how over 40 Ab solution became: Marcos says that launched a personal training studio in Michigan and quickly became “the 8 most successful franchise in the world “. Both were lean and healthy and in great shape. Then, everything changed: Karen was diagnosed with cancer

After cancer and chemotherapy, Karen wanted to recover the body I had when I was younger.. That’s when both began searching diet and fitness tips that caters specifically to men and women of his age.

Shaun Hadsall, the co-creator of more than 40 Solution Ab, described himself as an “expert in stubborn fat” and “Best Selling Author”. He also claims he has helped “more than 106,000 people around the world” know the truth about the fight against abdominal fat.

Should You Buy Over 40 Solution Ab to lose weight over 40?

Many diet and exercise programs available today focus on younger people – for example, between 20 and 30 years. However, the same diet and exercise habits that worked in his youth stop working when you’re over 40. More than 40 Solution Ab plans to solve that problem, the advice of diet and specific exercise age designed for men and women.

To do that, more than 40 Ab solution contains 20 minutes of exercise twelve conditions that are specifically designed for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Workouts consist of 20 to 60 seconds movements that focus not only on building muscle and burning fat, but also in the activation of hormones that burn fat even after you have finished working.

Although link creators Ab Solution More than 40 scientific studies, his program has never been studied independently. However, it seems that there is much anecdotal evidence of satisfied customers who have successful weight list through the training program. If you buy more than 40 Solution Ab, make sure you are paying the price of $ 20 (refresh the page if you do not see this offer). The normal retail price of $ 80 is far too high a price for a program with a measly 50 pages of content.

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