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began in the late 80s is a company skin care high performance that focuses on all natural products. It is known for being committed to the environment, being very involved in planting trees around the world, having planted over 500,000 trees since its inception.

about the origins

Origins was founded by William Lauder, who says: “There is a growing awareness of the need to take responsibility for their own personal health – . and the health of our planet “

based on this idea, it has remained Origins of being very open about what ingredients you put in their products and how these products affect both the nature and the body .

Origins contact on its website through its guided chat. You can also reach 24/7 at 1-800-674-4467. There is a contact form on their website that can be used to reach them at any time.

Origins of products

The Origins website breaks its products in six different categories: Skin Care, bath and body, hair, makeup, gifts and samples. It also has a section that presents its new products as well as an area where they sell special offers.

Skin Care

The section of skin care Sources divided by categories and by collection. The categories are:

– Masks
– Cleaners
– Eye Care
– Treatment Lotions
– Toners
– Scrubs
– Oil face
– Lip Care
– Blemish removers
– Night moisturizers
– Shave
– sunless

also they have an area for the best selling, most popular, best for men, and sets of values.

Collections are:

– Plantscription
– Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom
– Dr. Weil Mega-Bright
– make a difference
– A Perfect world
– Ginzing
– Oil zero

bath and body

section bath and body Origen also divided by category or collection. Categories include:

– body creams
– liquid soaps
– Body Scrubs
– body oils
– Lotions
– Soaps
– Accessories
– hand and foot care
– sensory

like in the section of skin care, the category of bath and body products include the best selling, top rated , and best for men.

The collections included in the bath and body are:

– ginger
– Gloomaway
– clear improvement
– calm your senses
– A world perfect
– earth salts
– Comfort Mood


Origen also has a section of natural hair care. This includes the categories:

– Hair treatments Ojon
– Shampoos
– Conditioners
– hair oils
– Masks and Treatments
– Styling

section hair care also has the best selling and top rated.


As in the case of skin care, hair and bath and body, all sources are natural makeup. They believe that to remain as natural as possible, the stains are less harsh on the skin.

The categories of makeup are:

– Fundamentals
– Correction
– Blush
– Eye makeup
– Lips
– Accessories

also they have a best-selling and top rated.

gifts know that often people get on their website for products for friends or family members. In order to reach this group more efficiently, Origins has a section specifically for gifts. The section is divided into three parts, the category, the recipient, and price.

The categories are:

– Gift Sets
– relaxation and stress relief
– Skin Care
– Make Up
– Bath & Body
– gift cards
– electronic gift cards

This category also has a gift finder, for those who are not quite sure what they want to buy.

For those who buy by the beneficiary, the options are:

– For Women
– for men
– For adolescents
– For Home

And for those who are on a strict budget, the options are:

– Gifts under $ 35
– Gifts under $ 55
– Gifts under $ 75

of course, there are also products available in the offers section which can be much cheaper than gifts section. However, for those looking to get something quickly, navigate this area it is probably the best option.


Many people visit the website Origins sure what they want to buy. Because Origins has a limited number of brick and mortar store, a large part of its sales are done online, which means that people are buying without first testing the product.

To help provide some assurance for first time buyers Origins, the site has a section samples. The website refers to these as their sizes ‘Try-Me’, which allow buyers to have a product idea before spending large amounts of money buying specific items.

At this time, the only sample available is the daily essentials set. For the low price of $ 20, this game comes with 1 ounce of balancing powers frothy face wash and 1 ounce of Energy-Boosting GinZing moisturizer. The set also includes 0.5 ounces of clear improvement Active Coal Mask and modern friction gentle nature dermabrasion.


The Origins buying process is extremely easy. On the one hand, there are people chat available 24/7 to those who have questions or concerns. This is especially useful for first time buyers.

Buyers can sign up to join the origins for profit with every purchase they make. Creating an account will also keep previous purchases in the file, so the reordering can be done easily. Origins accepts cards PayPal and major credit.

Origins offers free shipping for orders over $ 30. If buyers are not satisfied with your purchase, but also offer free returns.

Origen often has promotions and running. At the moment, it is offering free samples at checkout, a serum free deluxe with a purchase of more than $ 35, and 3 staples skin care free with the purchase of 1 moisturizer.

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