Organic Olivia: How Traditional Chinese Medicine & Parasite Cleansing Saved Her Life

Without his body would have no life, yet many people ignore their health and maintain bad habits food. Even doctors (MD) often fail to recognize the correlation between diet and health. It is assumed that the MD would treat a disease considered the root cause, which is often related to diet and emotions, but that is simply not the case in most cases.

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Instead of reaping the weeds at the root, MD often fertilize it simply gives you a recipe. pharmaceutical products that could cure a specific disease, while at the same time affecting the rest of your body negatively, ultimately, the cause of his ill-be worsening.

Many people have experienced corruption firsthand embedded within conventional medicine, but feel they can not express their views, because the industry is so powerful. Fortunately, people like Olivia Organic are here to inspire those who want to regain power over their own health.

An advocate of natural medicine and a wealth of knowledge on how to heal the human body through food and herbs herbal, Olivia took a stand against Western medicine does so only a few years and recovered from serious health problems using an approach and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) holistic approach.

The organic Olivia struggle with Western medicine

Olivia had always struggled with her weight, constantly overeat processed foods and suffering from an extensive list of stomach problems and allergies. In high school, which went from binge eating to severe shortages, causing her to lose weight quickly.

to add to their health problems at 11 ap degree she went through 3 rounds of Gardasil , a vaccine with high aluminum content, which He affected his liver as he began to show symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Over the following months, she started to eat more, feel worse, and gradually losing faith in conventional medicine. MD claimed his pain was the result of his irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and had no cause, so unsurprisingly fired with a heavy dose of pills.

Determined to find the truth behind unanswered questions, she began researching how to heal itself naturally. This led to a radical change in diet, and after only a couple of months of a healthy diet, felt much better.

After high school, Olivia decided to go to college to study Western medicine. However, the workload became overwhelming and soon his health began to deteriorate once again. His whole body was suffering from stress and pain: stomach, liver, head, eyes, and so on. Your doctor prescribed her birth control pills, which only made things worse as it developed knotty nodes around his legs erythema.

After returning back to the hospital, her doctor prescribed her antibiotics. Your MD failed his diagnose correctly with Epstein Barr Virus instead of a bacterial infection, so antibiotics do your symptoms considerably worse. This was the final straw; Olivia realized she could no longer trust the MD so he turned to traditional Chinese medicine and natural healing ( source ).

How traditional Chinese medicine works and how it changed the life of Olivia

TCM is an ancient healing methodology that bridges the gap between our emotions and stress levels and our bodily functions, allowing us mentally, physically and spiritually heal. The basis of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly structured around Qi (pronounced chee), the vital energy that allows us to live and breathe.

Qi is believed to be everywhere on Earth; when one is healthy, Qi flows freely through you, whereas when you’re unhealthy, you either have a blockage of Qi or “tank Qi” is low. Qi flows through the roads of energy called meridians that hold and carry Qi, blood and fluids through the body. Meridians help distinguish which are deficient or attacked organs, as this is considered as the cause of all diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Patients can be cured through a combination of acupuncture, herbs, massage and lifestyle advice such as changes in the actual management of diet and stress ( source ).

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Olivia was cured by performing a whole body detoxification through the use of Chinese herbs. She was able to finally improve your liver and digestive health after years of suffering at the hands of doctors. Olivia decided to share their experience online through blogs, which marked the birth of his booming business, Organic Olivia.

Why all have parasites and how we can cleanse our bodies of them

As Olivia continued her studies of traditional Chinese medicine and natural healing, she began searching parasites. He found that as a result of the toxins we consume and our mineral deficiencies, most of us suffer from parasites and other health problems in our small intestine. The healthier your body, the less likely you are to have the highest number of parasites, because they are unable to develop and reproduce as easily.

A common worm found in humans is Ascaris, which can cause chickenpox and mumps, herpes 1 and 2, and cold and sinus combustion. Olivia says that instead of resorting to vaccination could just participate in clearing parasites and the use of essential oils. Other cultures, such as cleaning Amish natural bodies of parasites on a regular basis, however, this concept is rarely discussed in North America ( source ).

To assist in their own healing, Olivia designed his Formula Parapro, a cleaning fee of parasites (you can get a clean here ). She completed three clean parasite in a row and experienced a significant change in their digestive health and get rid of chronic acne, which caught the attention of people. Also documented travel, allowing people to see all the parasites that were passed through it and the profound effect it had on his body.

Olivia began selling its clean, but could not meet the growing demand, which raised $ 250,000 in his first season IndieGoGo to fund large-scale production. The success of Olivia with her parasite cleanse is a clear reflection of how quickly it achieves its objectives. In just a few years a huge following was achieved in social networks and created a growing and prosperous.

For more information on Olivia, check out their website here or listen to our Organic starring podcast Olivia by clicking the link Soundcloud below or go to page collective Evolution podcast (The G and Coletti Show) . Olivia gives us exclusive details about their experiences with conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, parasite cleansing, and more.

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