Opportunities and food choices

There are two things I would like to consider today. The first is that when ‘ One door closes, another opens. “ The second is our emotional connection with food, and how it affects them’ doors’ we choose. Yes, it’s true! The food choices can affect our life choices!

I was talking to a friend a few weeks he was devastated that the contract her husband was not being renewed ago. it was a very emotional moment, wondering what they would do and how they would rebuild. it is strange that, in retrospect, we can often see that things were not quite right for a while, and if you do not think so that reading the signs, the universe hits us with a stick big “no option”. a few weeks later, and have been surprised by the amount of new options now. they are forced to reflect on what you really want has opened new doors in directions they had not considered.

is amazing how the universe can sometimes feel like it is falling apart, when in fact it is only by restoring to allow us to accept new opportunities – we like it or not at the time! While we are able to see these new opportunities, and this is where food choices can influence us …

Studies have shown that our food choices can shape our emotions and mood – and that our mood and emotions can shape our food choices. They are very interrelated. Anxiety and pain can lead to poor food choices, stress can promote overeating, and depression can influence and be influenced by, the food we eat. Therefore, the food choices are influenced by many things, including our cultural heritage social network, financial situation, marketing, -the physiology list is endless, we get it now – but they also show that despite all these things, our food choices are usually intuitive and emotionally charged rather than motivated. consciously control what we eat takes some effort to overcome the emotional influence (bet it’s not new to you).

What this means from the point of view of health is that if you are experiencing big changes in your life, or your job, it may take some effort to stay on track with their health and nutrition. It also means that if you can stay the course, or improve food intake, which can provide the emotional strength to mount up variation and help you find these new opportunities (yay!).

brightly colored vegetables and natural foods can provide your body and emotional state with the extra boost you need to get through difficult times and see the opportunities in front of you. Take a look at what you are planning to put on your plate and add some sparkling shine nutritionally sound to him to cheer you up (instead of something sweet!). Remove dust and favorite recipes books (you know you want to!), But this time, choose a recipe for your colorful vegetables rather than deciding which protein / meat you have on hand.

If you have done all that and still feel you need a hand to check what you are eating to help you eat your way to happiness and new opportunities, come see me for a nutritional assessment and I would be happy to help.

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