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Kick back and enter our draw back to school for mothers, full of more than $ 250 million in all-natural products to salute the important work you do and to help you cope with the stress of the season.

I can not believe I’m saying this, but we are at the point in the summer when it’s time to start planning for the next school year! In our area of ​​the globe we are returning to School August 8th.

seems like every year the first day is around the bend tall corn and hot air as we are on our tan, berry picking, slot support farmers and settlement summers down too soon for my barefoot tribe of teenagers.

A twist landed right in front of my last two weeks of summer as I realize I need to be sorting clothes they have left behind and seeing the halls of Walmart for those lists of school supplies in instead of laughing with the children as they jump into the lake or covered with watermelon juice as they run around the yard!

Whether your children go to public school, private school, or homeschooling, I’m sure you can identify with that download back to school that interferes with fun summer weekend.

Many of us ladies here at Guardian of the House have our own packages of children and understand the effort to go through the empty hallways to find laptops last minute or the right kind of 11 pocket folders two yellow, two blue, two green, white two, three purple all with pins and 3 holes!

This draw back to school is for you, mothers. It is something special to thank him for being a mother. Remember to take care of yourself and take a minute to breathe. Chaos back to school can usurp your life, but do not let them drag you down: keep smiling, keep trusting in God, and keep it in the most important work you can do

Kick back and enter our back-to-school giveaway for moms, full of over $250 worth of all-natural products to salute the important work you do and to help you deal with the stress of the season.


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The Guardian of the House Return to School of the draw for mothers is more than value $ 250 !!! have been working hard to find the right combination of impressive and useful and fabulous, and we believe we have done!

Exit Return to Classes preferred essential for mothers and enter below for a chance to win.

Head Massage Massage Melt

Melt Massage head-massage

value of $ 24

moves back to school give you a headache? Or is the idea that fill you with so much emotion is possible to exploit? Either way, you’ll love this!

With the stress of juggling back to school, there is nothing like connecting with touch … and I say that even for those of you who can not be sentimental types. My husband is NO touch-type person, but he is a big fan of Melt massage. So here’s to date nights that connect you to your man!

extra thin coconut oil

You know how I love coconut oil in general and skinny, in particular . I have met some of my favorites from their product line to share with you in this draw!

value $ 75.90

Body Butter Coconut Oil Jojoba whipped Rose (9 fl oz bottle)

KOTH skinny rose body butter

extra virgin coconut oil (8.5 fl oz bottle)

KOTH skinny oil

coconut oil cream mint cocoa Tube

KOTH Skinny lip balm

Exclusive coffee, honey, chocolate and cashew package

We plan very soon to unveil some product lines that will link Guardian of the House: items that will help you live a full and natural life, available at a price reasonable in amounts to serve your family. These are two of my favorites of what we have coming!

Gold and Black Coffee Bean (1 bag lb.)

KOTH coffee black-gold

Although I like coffee, my husband did not until recently. Now that we drink Bulletproof coffee every morning, you’re getting more of a taste for it, and this roast is one of our favorites. It is fair, organic trade, and very delicious. It is a mixture of light and dark roast coffee, and is soft and sweet. There is a buttery texture to it, with notes of chocolate and fruit.

Honey (jar 1 pound)

koth honey 1

This was made by honey bees in my neighborhood, and is completely organic. The air here is clean and clear, that only adds to yum of this honey. And the flasks? We shopped high and low to find something that we feel captured what we wanted to convey … and I just love it (I love the honey again, however).

East Bali cashews chocolate (3 oz bag)

KOTH cashews front

Sometimes you just need a quick bite, or if you want to get something tasty and nutritious in your bag (or your gym bag) … And I can think of many other reasons to treat myself to them: they are re organic, are fair trade, have only four ingredients (cashews, sugar cane, cocoa in dark dust, and sea salt).

But the best part is chocolate part, is not it? 😉

are not too sweet, but they have the rich chocolate taste that just … well, you know. 🙂

Double Soap “Goat Milk Bath” Bulk Bag!

One of the ways I destress and refresh over the holidays is with the Bend Soap milk bath in a bag -

$ 16.00

Because every mom I know you like to relax deserves a bathroom with one of these nutritious, fragrant baths goat milk soap curve! This lot is one of our favorite scents, Cranberry Wassail.

The soap is made from goat’s milk, with essential oils for fragrance, and is a silky smooth experience that will help to physically relax while you soak in the tub.

Just add a handful of grated soap in tap water and watch it bubble. Then relax and enjoy the experience! 🙂

Note: This is not the usual 7 oz bag, but the biggest one pound bag!

All Starter Kit Cleaning essentials


Value $ 65

once the kiddos are back in school, I love being able to put things in order (although I do, it is true, the strange!). That includes, finally, clearing some of the tracks in the kitchen, some of the prints on the walls, some of the dirt from places where they do not realize during the summer holidays.

Of course, I’m grabbing is my blue bottles Cleaning essentials. This kit has two of the original blue spray bottles and two amber bottles, wipes container, in addition to an air diffuser organic cotton.

New eBook Zig Ziglar & Mark Timm

increased positive children: What your family should know to succeed


This is one of the last projects of my husband, and I’m very proud of him. But it is also something near and dear to me as a father and a wife. Whether or not win this prize package, here’s the secret: you can get this free eBook now accession of more than Ziglar family . I wanted to include in this draw, though, because I think it is so important to us, mothers and our families!

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Kick back and enter our back-to-school giveaway for moms, full of over $250 worth of all-natural products to salute the important work you do and to help you deal with the stress of the season.

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