O’Dang Hummus Review – A Middle Eastern Delight With A Tangy Twist?

We were introduced first in a new humus in the shark tank. A businessman named Jesse Wolfe decided that his hummus deserved more attention after receiving many positive comments on the farmers market. dream of O’Dang Hummus recognized and successful Jesse is becoming a reality. Thank approved funding of big businessmen Shark Tank. We can say that swimming outside the shark tank with a $ 50,000. O’Dang Hummus your business is expanding beyond Orlando, Florida, where he was conceived.

O’Dang What is Hummus?

O’Dang Hummus is a delicious sauce that is making waves in the industry hummus and salad dressing. It is a completely natural fresh salsa, hummus and tasty brings the thrust of salads. O’Dang uses Hummus and tahini chickpeas as its base. It is a vegetarian delight, as it has no eggs, dairy products or honey. O’Dang clothing line Hummus has innovated the four most popular salad dressings :. Hummy mustard, ranch, Caesar, and Buffalo

What flavors are available?

O’Dang Hummus comes in several flavors to suit different tastes and preferences. Here is a look at four popular flavors that make up the shark tank special package of

Caesar’s Day – Hummus O’Dang restore the glory back to the vegan Caesar salad dressing as most egg free variations Ceasar dressing lack of food that comes along with the yolk. It is thick, rich and creamy with a slightly salty taste.

In Ranch- Did you know that the ranch is number one in the U.S.A. salad dressing? Yes, it’s an American classic with a straight back. The O’Dang Ranch Hummus is a creamy, garlic, spicy and fresh blend that can be eaten with a spoon. It can be used to make a wedge salad with a little bacon and roasted chickpeas coconut sauce or vegetarian pizza. This ranch dressing provides a rare nutritional punch that can not be found in other ranch dressings.

Hummy Mustard – This dressing has all the flavor of a mustard dressing original honey. Unlike most honey mustard and mayonnaise full calorie dressing of Hummy Mustard has only 40 calories and 1 gram of fat are based per two teaspoons. Most honey mustard on the market having 6 to 23 grams per 2 tablespoons. The Hummy mustard gives your palate a perfect blend of sweet and sharp flavor. It is sweetened with a touch of juice instead of honey evaporated cane, and is the perfect complement as a black burger spread of grains or may be used as a sauce for meatless offerings.

Bomb-A-Licious Middle Buffalo – Buffalo Hummus O’Dang, has just the right amount of heat and spice requires a high standard Buffalo sauce. It is a perfect, healthy dip that can be used in hamburgers, chicken wings, celery, carrots or even fried cauliflower.

The package of four ‘Shark Tank Special’ was invented after the idea O’Dang Hummus was granted $ 50,000 in the show. At present, the package of four is only available in major stores in Florida. If you are not in Florida, you can order online at www.odanghummus.com .

O’Dang common Hummus is made from natural ingredients that do not contain preservatives, oils, dairy or animal products. These dressings are very nutritious, healthy and natural.

Where and how it is done …

O’Dang Hummus is made in Orlando, Florida by Jesse Wolfe hummus and thugs. It is made of tahini (sesame seed paste soil) and chickpeas. There are no added oils or dairy products, these dressings and make the perfect salad dressing.

Besides being all, fewer calories and free natural preservatives when compared with other dressings.


product line O’Dang Hummus is available only in the best retail grocery stores in central Florida at this time, but we can speculate that soon will be available throughout the country. If you do not live in Florida, you can still be in touch with the team through the company website to get the ‘Shark Special Tank’ four packages of $ 25.99 or you can get a pack of four of their choice to 26.99 with free shipping. Hummus O’Dang team assures us that are working throughout the day so that their products are available in a store near you.

The team O’Dang hummus is very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and are aware of the growing demand for the product to other parts of the nation. . You can place your order, and leave comments or questions on its website. You can also subscribe to product updates, free stuff and recipes from the same site.

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