Nutrinity Cardiax 3N Pro – Heart Health Supplement

Cardiax 3N Pro is a cardiovascular supplement that uses something called DPA – a fatty acid – to reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes. Here is our Pro review Cardiax 3N.

What is Cardiax 3N Pro?

Cardiax 3N Pro is a nutritional supplement aimed at older men and women who want reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The supplement uses an ingredient called DPA, which he describes as the “missing link” that doctors have realized is greater than omega-3 fatty acids. By combining DPA to DHA and EPA (the two most common fatty acids found in omega 3), 3N Cardiax Pro promises to provide “maximum support” for cardiovascular health .

How Cardiax 3N Pro Work?

DPA claims to be particularly effective in targeting your cholesterol and triglycerides -. Both of which they are major risk factors for heart attack and stroke

Generally, DHA and EPA are used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. These are fatty acids that are in any supplement of omega 3.

Cardiax 3N Pro has chosen instead to use DPA, DHA and EPA plus, all of which “work together to better under their lipid levels blood, “according to the manufacturer.

3N Cardiax manufacturers claim that Pro is superior to DPA DHA and EPA. It is more bioavailable than traditional fatty acids -. They need to be metabolized and absorbed by the body in order to work

Interestingly, the DAP is actually converted into EPA and DHA after entering your body. Your body converts DPA in any of the fatty acids on the basis of the lowest levels of what one has its moment in the system.

Cardiax manufacturers 3N Pro rave on and on about the benefits of the DPA, including how to protect your walls of arteries, strengthens the heart, and offers a wide range of other benefits.

There are also frequent mentions about being “approved doctor”. The page itself is full of images of doctors, leading to believe that medical professionals have proven these benefits.

Actually, 3N Pro Cardiax not link to a single scientific study that reinforces any of its supposed benefits. The supplement also appears not to have suffered any clinical trials of its own. So the manufacturer makes huge demands but never really backs up these claims with hard evidence.

Nutrinity Cardiax 3N Pro Ingredients

This is what the side of the Pro packaging Cardiax 3N looks like:


As you can see, there 1000mg of formula fish oil every 2 capsule serving Cardiax 3N Pro, delivering 300 mg of EPA and 200 mg DHA, along with 30 mg of DPA – which is something not typically seen with other fatty acids supplements acid.

DPA is D-phenylalanine. Has not been extensively studied and does not seem to be understood very well. One source suggests to the usual dose is 500 to 2000 mg for the treatment of chronic pain, and dose 2 to 4 times a day is taken.

Meanwhile, reports the Mayo Clinic to the recommended EPA and DHA to reduce the risk of Herat diseases daily dose is 6 capsules 160 mg of EPA and 100 mg DHA every one. Higher doses have been taken safely without side effects observed, and there is no upper limit for intake of omega fatty acids insurance.

That makes Cardiax dose 3N Pro appears relatively small compared with traditional cardiovascular supplements -. Most of which are available at a significantly cheaper price than Cardiax 3N Pro

If the Mayo Clinic reports that your daily dose of 960 mg of EPA should be and DHA should be 600 mg, then you you need to make several portions of 3N Pro Cardiax get anywhere near that dose.

Scientific Evidence for Cardiax 3N Pro

The Cardiax 3N Pro “frequently asked questions” section, there is a question asking the manufacturer to provide research support to its healthy properties. Here is his answer:

“We are confident that you – and their doctors – love Cardiax 3N Pro – driven microfidltered DPA In fact, clicking here, you will discover research amazing art! made in the “missing link” for heart health. – DPA “

the only problem with this is that the word” here “is not linked to any page. No link.

In other words, there is no scientific evidence or clinical trials that the supplement works as advertised.

That is worrisome given that take a supplement that promises to affect critical processes within your heart. We would have liked to have seen more evidence that Cardiax 3N Pro works as advertised.

Nutrinity Cardiax 3N Pro pricing

Nutrinity Cardiax 3N Pro is priced at the following rates:

  • 1 bottle: $ 67
  • 4 bottles: $ 134
  • 8 bottles: $ 199.60

the supplement is only avialable online through the official website. It never find in any pharmcay, grocery store or other retailer.

Be careful when buying Cardiax 3N Pro: By default, the order form check a box that says “Send me a fresh supply every 30 days.” If you check this box, your order will be sent to you again (and your credit card will be charged again) every 30 days (which is every 240 days if ordered packet 8 bottle).

If you subscribe to the autoship program , you get a 10% discount on your order and be part of the club “VIP Membership”.

Who does Cardiax 3N Pro?

Cardiax 3N Pro is made by a manufacturer of nutritional supplement called Nutrinity, Inc. That company is responsible for a small number of others currently on the market nutritional supplements, including Nutrinity Pro Biotic 365 .

The official name of the company is not actually Nutrinity. Is Ultimate Media Systems, Inc., which operates under the name Nutrinity

That company also seems to be related to another supplement heart health OmegaK called krill oil in some other ( OmegaK krill oil is the first search result that appears when Google Nutrinity). [19459007modou]

Must take Cardiax 3N Pro for Reduece the risk of heart attack and stroke?

3N claims Cardiax Pro is one of the best supplements for heart health money can buy.

actually it contains a relatively low dose of EPA / DHA compared to other omega fatty acids. In addition, the supplement is priced at a whopping $ 70 for a one month supply -. That is much more than what we are used to seeing for supplements of omega

In short, you can find supplements of omega best price for a cheaper form online at any store. You will also find supplements with scientific evidence and the evidence much more than Cardiax 3N Pro – Do not list any studies clinical trials or have been performed

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