Nordic Naturals – Do These Fatty Acids Deliver Lasting Results?

As you age, hair, nails, skin and heart health tend to deteriorate. While many reviews for exercise and a healthy diet rich in nutrients, these options only go so far. In many cases, it is necessary to add a supplement to your diet to achieve the best results. When it comes to supplements omega-3 fish oil is highly recommended. Fish oil is known for its ability to reduce blood hypothesize, improve memory, mitigating the side effects or arthritis, and even improves the hair, skin and nails.

Not all omega-3 fish oils are made of the same however. If you are looking for a special high-quality option, then Nordic Naturals is your best choice.

About Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is an oil company 100% certified sustainable fish whose products have won numerous awards for quality. The company is located in the heart of the fish oil industry Norway. Nordic Naturals products are designed to help people heal their omega-3 deficiencies so they can experience a higher quality of life.

The products are not only aimed at older people, but those who seek to relieve sports injuries, increase its memory , and more. Nordic Naturals products are recognized worldwide and the company is now a leading supplier of fish oils on a global basis. One of the best qualities of fish oils available through this brand is that there are a variety of flavors, strengths and forms available so you can address their specific health and nutritional needs.

Developed and led by experts

, you can get an idea of ​​how prominent Nordic Naturals is through those who carry it. Currently the brand has an impressive array of experts who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to development, research, study and analysis of fish oil products. Some of the most notable names who are working for the brand include:

  • Scott Minton, PhD – Nordic Naturals Scientific Advisory
  • Tori Hudson, ND – Advisor
  • Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD – Fitness and Nutrition Advisor

with leading experts like these and many more, you can expect only the best when it comes to your fish oil supplement. All products are created with the highest standards of efficiency and undergo extensive research, testing and trials to ensure that you receive the best.

The Nordic Naturals products can do for you

There are many benefits to be gained from using Nordic Naturals products. These benefits include:

Why Choose Nordic Naturals?

There are many, many brands of fish oil on the market, which can make you wonder why you chose necessarily choose Nordic Naturals. It’s a good thing to consider and, fortunately, there are many reasons why Nordic Naturals should be your first choice.

This is what makes Nordic Naturals the best option:

exceeds International Standards Pharmaceutical

First and foremost, Nordic Naturals exceeds international pharmaceutical standards . The United States does not have standards for fish oil, so the products you buy from US companies are not subject to regulation. Unlike those products, Natural Nordic is subject to regulation and on the other hand, continually works to go beyond regulatory standards. Their products contain the slightest traces of heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins and compared to other brands, is much, much less.

Freshness exceptional levels

Another reason for choosing Nordic Naturals brand over another omega-3 is that Nordic Naturals, always get fresh produce. Freshness safeguard the integrity and biological efficacy of the product and as the brand explains, “freshness may be the most important quality of fish oils.” In addition, unlike other omega-3 brands, Nordic Naturals has a manufacturing process of free oxygen.

Rewarded purity levels

The best fish oil products are made with pure fish oil and such a high concentration of fish oil. Most brands added fillers and other substances your fish oil product, but this simply detracts from the overall quality of the product. To meet ethical standards, each batch of fish oil is tested by a third party for purity standards.

The third test not only the standards of purity, but also environmental toxins to ensure you are getting safe products. After conducting some research, we found that Nordic Naturals products are at least 750 times purer than the fish that goes into the products. Among the 10 brands of fish oil higher in Norway, Nordic Naturals is # 1.

Great Taste

There is nothing worse than taking fish oil and experience that fishy smell or taste after . With Nordic Naturals, you need not worry. The products are made with unique encapsulation process that infuses the oil with natural fruit essence. As a result, fish oil has a mild and fruity flavor. Feedback has been positive in all areas when it comes to this strategy.

No heat and no chemicals during manufacture

Another wonderful quality is recognize this brand that does not use heat or chemicals in its manufacturing process. All products are made safely and in a way that allows the delivering industry-leading freshness and the highest levels of purity compared to other products. The correction environment that is free from nitrogen oxygen allows products that are free during the submission process and for a specified period of time after.

optimal absorption

Last but not least, you can expect to receive the benefits of Nordic Naturals products’ quality through optimal absorption of the capsules. The formula also occurs to some form of triglycerides, which leads to the best results and highest rates of absorption.


Nordic Naturals products are highly recommended for those who are looking for an easy way to improve almost every aspect of your health. The brand products are some of the most highly regulated industry standards and that certainly outweigh American products and even Nordic leading brands. You can purchase products through the Nordic Naturals brand website, online retailers, or at your local health food store.

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