NOBEL LAUREATE Prof. Dr. Harald Zur Hausen Shocked The World: You Will Faint When You See What Gives You Cancer!



German scientist and Nobel Prize in Physiology, Harald zur Hausen, warned that the virus poorly studied, seen in cows, can cause cancer in humans!

“I think pets can be a direct cause of colon cancer in humans.

We have experimental data are in favor of this hypothesis. However, this has not yet has confirmed, “Hausen said.

Other scientists have warned that the use of red meat (beef, veal, horsemeat, lamb and pork) increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

But Hausen argues that the danger comes not only beef, but also, as much as it looked amazing, with cow’s milk!

The traditional explanation associated with the preparation of grilled meat, and therefore he was told that this leads to the formation of carcinogenic cells.

This thesis has rejected that they are formed such cancer cells during the preparation of fried fish and chicken, but no one thought that the use of chicken meat and fish increases the risk of developing colon cancer “said the scientist.

discovers that in his research that gave attention to the fact that in Mongolia people eat lots of red meat and colon cancer lucky extremely rare, and in India, where people do not eat beef for religious reasons.

Hausen also indicates that the level of colorectal cancer increased rapidly after World War II. He is convinced that this is the most directly related to what is in these countries became popular for beef imported.

German scientist adds that in Asian countries mentioned much less common cancer of the mammary glands, because they are included in your diet milk and dairy cow.

Hausen is in the latest issue of the scientific journal International Journal of Cancer reported that the studied samples of blood and milk of cows and is in they discovered DNA elements that belong to an unknown virus which could be a cause of cancer.

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