Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Harald Zur Hausen Shocked The World: You Will Faint When You See What Gives You Cancer! 29 Shares


According to Dr. Harald Zur Hausen, winner German Nobel prize in science and physiology, poorly studied virus seen in cows can cause cancer in humans.

“I think pets can be a direct cause of colon cancer in humans. We have experimental data are in favor of this hypothesis. However, this has not yet been confirmed,” Hausen said.

Beside Hausen, other scientists have also warned that consumption of red meats such as lamb, pork, beef, veal and horse meat can increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

However, Hausen is convinced that cancer can also be caused by the consumption of cow’s milk.

The preparation of the meat on the gril actually leads to the formation of carcinogenic cells.

The scientist also said that this thesis has rejected them such cancer cells are formed during the preparation of fried chicken and fish. However, no one believes that the risk of developing colon cancer is increased by the consumption of chicken meat and fish.

In her research, Dr. Hausen focused on the fact that in Mongolia people are consuming a lot of red meat, and luckily, colon cancer is extremely rare in this area.

According to Dr. Hausen, the number of people suffering from colorectal cancer increased rapidly after World War II. He believes that the reason for this is the fact that imported beef became popular in these countries.

also it said that in Asian countries the number of people suffering from cancer of the mammary glands are higher because they include milk and dairy products in your diet cow’a.

The international scientific journal Journal of Cancer published the study Hausen, which showed that samples of blood and milk of cows contains DNA elements that belong to an unknown virus, which could be a potential trigger for cancer .

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