New Study Links Alcohol To These 7 Different Types Of Cancer, Regardless Of How Much You Drink

Studies have been emerging for years linking alcohol to multiple health problems, but for each study like this, there seems to be more discussion that moderate alcohol consumption is not only very good but can actually promote good health. These conflicting reports leave us with many questions. If there are some benefits for real drink, make outweigh the harm? The amount of alcohol is safe to drink? Or is the harmfrul of what we have been led to believe alcohol? Having a glass of wine with dinner every night or enjoy a few drinks on the weekend is a normal part of our culture, but it may be time to start questioning these habits.

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A new study published in the journal Addiction found “strong evidence” that alcohol causes cancer in several different locations within the body, “and probably others” as well. The types of confirmed cancers contained in the study include liver, colon, rectum, female breast, larynx (throat organ), orolynx (behind the mouth), and esophagus.

The study highlights how strongly this link has already been established:

In the last decade there has been a proliferation of research literature, opinions and comment on the association of alcohol consumption with cancer. In some parts of the world the scientific consensus that alcohol causes cancer has already led to a mention increased risk of cancer in the formulation of policies and programs to increase public awareness of the risks.

The researchers also point out that current estimates of alcohol-attributable cancers constitute 5.8% of all cancer deaths worldwide. This may seem a small sum until the large number of people who die from cancer each year is taken into account. Now think of all the people who have some form of cancer during their life that does not die. How many of those could be induced by alcohol?

For the study, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of every major study over the past decade on alcohol and cancer. The research was based on major institutions such as the American Institute for Cancer Research and the International Agency for Research on Cancer as well as independent studies.

Jennie Conor, the principal investigator of the study and chair of preventive and social medicine at the University of Otago, said that although many of these studies noted links between alcohol and cancer, she and her team wanted to see if there was definitive causal relationship between the two.

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the risks are reversible

Fortunately, the risks associated with consumption alcohol are reversible. For example, a recent review of the risk of cancers of the larynx and pharynx after leaving saw a reduction of 15 percent of the excess risk in 5 years. Evidence of reversibility also been found in liver cancer, among others.

How much is too much?

Connor said CTV News exists “There seems to be no threshold below which the drink is really sure about cancer.” “So the obvious answer directly to your question is that no alcohol is safe, and no alcohol increases the risk of some cancers,” he said.

A large study in the UK called The Million Women Study has reached similar conclusions. They found that during the 7 years of follow-up, an increase of 5 percent of total cancer was observed in women who drank between 70 and 140 g of alcohol per week compared with those who drank less than 20 g per week. They also saw an increase of 13 percent in breast cancer. ( source )

And in 2013, a meta-analysis found that drinkers even light still face a higher risk of cancer of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus and breast (but not colorectal cancer, liver cancer, or larynx.) ( source )

large cohort studies have also found that, for women in particular mild to moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of alcohol-related cancers. This includes especially breast cancer. ( source )

Given all the evidence, it seems clear that any serious person protecting their health and well-being should consider reducing alcohol consumption.

The side of alcohol addiction that nobody ever speak

As mentioned above, the consumption of alcohol on a regular basis has become the norm. What has led people to believe that it’s okay to drink a beer every night? Or to become drunk every weekend? This is the product of mass marketing? Certainly, drinking and socializing have become inseparable, to the point where you will be greeted with confused looks and even if you choose not jokes at a meeting where others are drinking. Why is this so? And how we have come to believe that something so toxic put in our bodies right? It is important that we begin to address the underlying issues that motivate people to consume these substances. In some cases it may simply be ignorance of the dangers, but in others it may be a defense mechanism, a way to escape from unhappiness or other personal issues.

While it could be argued that the mind-body connection can overcome anything, and this is why some people who smoke and drink all his life living into old age, this is not true for everyone. The body is strong, and can cope with a lot of abuse, especially if it is healthy, but there is no doubt that alcohol and other unhealthy habits are contributing to the rising rates of diseases we are seeing .

Are we at the point where most of us need to consume alcohol, or some other mind-altering substance, in order to enjoy the human experience? Have we become so callous and so dependent on these maximums our emotions and welfare state can not be peace without them?

Definitely something to think about. If abstaining from substances regularly used to feel different disturbs your inner peace, or impedes their ability to experience joy, after a problem may have to face. These are issues that are not physical; They are mental and emotional problems. Unfortunately, we grow without being taught how to deal with these things, which might be why we turn to dangerous behavior, first, regardless of the damage that we do to ourselves.

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