New Bill Would Block State GMO Labeling Laws!!!

OMG is something that genetically produced and that has come to our markets in all departments.

OMG is a bit of an unhealthy version of fruit, vegetables, meat, etc ..

People have a right to know if the product they are about to pay is genetically modified or not. Today many large food companies have instituted their own policies labeling of genetically engineered foods ahead of July 1 deadline for a mandatory law, the labeling of GMOs package Vermont.

BIG BUT ……… !!! But after months of political wrangling, leaders of the Senate Agriculture Committee have reached agreement in a last effort to preempt Vermont law.

This will allow food manufacturers to use a QR code scannable, or in some cases a toll free number to inform consumers about the GMO content of a product. While the bill immediately block the execution states laws labeling of GMOs, would allow the United States Department of Agriculture to take two years to establish a standard for mandatory disclosure of GMO ingredients through the choice of manufacturer regular text, a symbol, or use of a QR code or telephone number.

The problem with this is true that not all labeling GMO products are subject to the same policy. The new bill could make it almost impossible for consumers to make informed decisions about what they are buying.

Although consumers want the product to have a clear label that says whether or not it occurs or not GMO. However, according to the bill, genetically modified foods would be considered not all engineered for labeling purposes. It excludes, for example, sugars and highly refined oils.

This new bill will allow transparency, clarity and consistency in reporting and reflects the variety of ways that consumers will get this information about the food they buy.

New statements to label with digital codes that can only be read by smartphones. But not everyone has a smart phone that can read digital scanning.

So what about those people ?? Should not they have the same right to be informed as well?

Several companies like Campbell Soup Company, ConAgra, General Mills, Kellogg and Mars have said they will implement policies labeling of GMOs throughout the country, instead of labeling their products only to Vermont. But now it is unclear whether they will go ahead with their policies promised if the new law is passed.

In order for this bill to pass 60 senators will be needed in support to take the floor. In addition, the House of Representatives would also vote. People need to be aware of their health and what they buy.

This information was investigated and found on other websites. Only he presented here to inform more people in the US by law they have the right to know.

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The new bill that would block state laws labeling of GMOs !!! appeared for the first time in GlobalHealthyUnited .

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