Neutrogena Rapid Clear – Stubborn Acne Spot Gel?

Neutrogena has been a household name for generations. This well-loved brand is known for providing solutions clear skin care for all stages of life.

In recent years, there has been some progress with acne, focusing on cleaning the pores and giving it a face feeling fresh and clean. Quick Neutrogena Clear is one of those cleaning products in a long line of cleaning products for love. You can quickly remove blackheads and leave you with that kind of scrubbing clinically clean, it also helps to prevent future outbreaks.

In the beginning

Stolaroff founded in 1930 Natone Emanuel, a cosmetics company that distributes products to beauty salons and beauticians professionals. As the popularity grew Natone became a manufacturer of beauty products for retail.

Emanuel Stolaroffs dedication to beauty products led him to discover the work of Belgian chemist, Dr. Edmond Fromont, who had developed a special soap that leaves no residue on the skin and was extremely smooth.

Stolaroff recognizes the potential health benefits this soap could contribute to the beauty industry and decided to become both a distributor and manufacturer. There was nothing else on the market quite like Neutrogena and quickly became a staple should be in every home medicine cabinets.

Indeed, Neutrogena soap became so popular that ultimately Stolaroff changed the name of his company Natone Neutrogena. A well-known and trusted for many generations name.

Effectively treating acne for generations

Neutrogena developed a strong relationship with the medical community and dermatologists who recognized the medicinal benefits of Neutrogena products. Dermatologist recommended Neutrogena and relied on to help treat skin problems like acne and pimples. This strong relationship helped ensure that Neutrogena would be a brand that people can trust as did medical professionals.

Over the years it has proven Neutrogena to be a reliable company that delivers what it promises to consumers and medical professionals. Neutrogena has a solid reputation and has grown from a small company of a man launching a multimillion-dollar global corporation that serves the needs of people worldwide.

It was acquired in 1994 by Johnson and Johnson, who recognized its great value and is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Neutrogena while still providing the best products care possible skin by using modern technology and research. One thing that has not changed much in recent years is the use of its key ingredient, benzoyl peroxide.

What is benzoyl peroxide?

The powerful ingredient that makes Quick Neutrogena Clear strong is benzoyl peroxide. It is a natural, organic compound having antiseptic and bleaching properties. The chemical has many uses and is often used to effectively treat acne and blemishes.

Strong – but not “too strong”

A key property of benzoyl peroxide is used for a time that does not cause antibiotic resistance to build. This means that continue to respond favorably to treatment, even with continued use, unlike other popular acne treatments.

Most notably benzoyl peroxide in the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organization. It has been used for many years with great success and is still valuable for medical treatment of acne and is No. 1 dermatologist recommended acne medicine without a prescription.

Presentation Quick Clear Neutrogena: A stubborn acne treatment

Clear Neutrogena fast stubborn acne treatment comes in two forms, a facial cleanser and use a gel in situ. Clean skin facial cleanser gently lift dirt and dead skin, while the gel stain addresses the problem areas. For best results, the use of these two elements is recommended, first the cleaner and then localized treatment. As its name implies, fast clear acne quickly attacks frontally and you begin to see results almost immediately, one day after starting treatment should notice a difference in clarity and skin healing.

Beware of skin sensitivities

As with all skin products if you have allergies or sensitive skin should do a patch test first to make sure that you do not It has any negative reactions to this product. Some people are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide.

Possible skin reactions

  • Burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Peeling
  • Eruption
  • Redness
  • skin sensitivity or sensitivity
  • Swelling

* If you experience any of these reactions discontinue use and contact your doctor for medical attention immediately .

Take control of your acne

Your face is what people see first and a clear complexion can make you feel more attractive and confident. Do not just trust your face to any company. Neutrogena has been a leader in the treatment of acne for years.

Quick clear is the culmination of science and study, with proven benefits for stubborn facial acne. Now is your chance to put your best face. See how fast Neutrogena Clear can do for you.

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