Neuroon Review – A Sleeping Mask That Regulates Your Sleep Hormone?

Is there really such a thing as a “smart sleep mask” that promises to help you sleep better at night nap more efficiently, avoid jet lag, and optimize your sleep cycles? Here is our opinion Neuroon .

What is Neuroon?

Neuroon calls itself “the first intelligent sleep mask.” Priced at $ 300, can also be Neuroon mask world’s most expensive dream.

However, as expected, this sleep mask has some amazing capabilities that justifies the high price. Like most “intelligent” devices, it connects wirelessly to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

By using sleep mask Neuroon regularly, you can sleep better at night , effective nap during the day and beat the jet lag.

How Neuroon does? It does so using six fundamental characteristics. Let’s take a look at those features below.

Neuroon Features

Neuroon comes with six-core characteristics that make it an average sleep mask in a mask smart sleep. These are the six characteristics:

-Light Boost: Therapy spectrum light gives you a boost of energy. cycle therapy light spectrum and leave the mask on eyes for 20 minutes is activated. The light is specially designed to “adjust your biorhythms and mediate the sleep hormone melatonin.” You know how melatonin levels rise at night when our eyes detect the dark? Neuroon operates in a similar manner. It is also specially designed to treat seasonal effective disorder (SAD).

-SLEEP Analytics: Get more information about your sleep and how sleep time analytics Neuroon. You get a full report sleep sent to your mobile device. This report helps you sleep interpret the data as mean heart rate, duration of sleep stages, the number of times he woke up at night, and movement. Neuroon actually measures the brain waves of his body, pulse, temperature and physical movement while sleeping to give you all this information.

-Sunrise :. Lights behind sleep mask Neuroon activated before it’s time to wake up, which helps simulate dawn and start the day right

Pause -Staff: This feature includes four custom naps to refresh your body and mind. There’s the power nap (20 minutes), body nap (30 minutes), the REM nap (1 hour), and the last nap (90 minutes).

-Jet Lag Blocker: blocks Neuroon jet leg and helps alleviate the negative effects using bright light therapy. Searching the destination mask (using the application) and then start preparing for the weeklong trip before flying (for maximum efficiency). Sleep mask gradually encourage your body to adjust to normal sleep cycle of your destination -. So spend less downtime when it finally arrives

Adjuster -Biorhythm: Neuroon allows you to enter a custom programming mask to help you prepare to work odd hours or keep irregular hours. Enter your schedule in the application and then the mask analyzes your sleep patterns to recommend the best times of sleep and wakefulness. It’s like having a sleep doctor in your pocket.

There is also a seventh feature that helps lucid dreaming. We’ll talk more about the lucid dream system Neuroon below.

Neuroon Lucid Dreaming App

One of the features of the premium Neuroon is the ability to make lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming, for those outside the loop, is the type of dreams where you can control your actions. Have you ever had a dream where you can fly around and explore the world on their own will? This is called lucid dreaming.

Most of us only have lucid dreams random. However, some people really are trained to lucid dream. One of the best ways to train yourself lucid dream is to give the body subtle clues during REM sleep. His brain, basically, interprets these tracks and enter a lucid dream state.

Neuroon have an application that helps you do this. With the application for 10 minutes each night will “multiply your chances of lucid dreaming.” The application works like this:

Step 1) before falling asleep: The application has dozens of sessions guided meditation that help you learn to remember more of your dreams and be more aware of when you’re dreaming. Multiple techniques are available to help all different types of dreamers.

Step 2) During REM sleep: The application lucid dreaming Neuroon will give external stimuli during REM sleep. Neuroon monitors your brain while sleeping. Then, when it detects that has entered the REM phase, soft ray flashes of light and vibrations that help your brain understands you’re dreaming without waking shooting.

Step 3) During the Day: Neuroon comes with a sleep diary that lets you record your dreams. There are even apps for Apple and Android clock gear we recommend that you do a “Reality Check” all day -. That is a strategy to help train for lucid dreaming (yes, like you saw in Inception)

Lucid dreaming costs extra applications, but Neuroon has regular promotions where they give the application form free as part of your regular purchase Neuroon.

How Neuroon work?

Neuroon may seem a simple sleep mask, but there is a lot of technology hiding behind him. It is said that using medical grade sensors to provide all the above effects.

also it has Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology to allow the mask to communicate with iOS and Android devices.

Within the mask is four biometric sensors that measure critical feedback body as EEG, EOG, pulse, movement and temperature. These sensors also contain four LED lights that serve as indicators for the user. The sensors are connected to your body through two metal tips. The tips are made of gold to prevent an allergic reaction.

There is a small onboard storage unit that can hold up to seven days of data. all historical data is synchronized via the application.

sleep mask is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. You will have to load the sleep mask regularly by removing the sensor package and connecting it to an electrical outlet via micro-USB.

Meanwhile, the fabric itself consists of a foam strip and elastic memory, so it can adapt to the unique contours of your face and remember your face shape only over time.

The Neuroon application is available in most major Android and iOS devices, including all Apple devices with iOS 7 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android devices with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above with Bluetooth 4.0 or smart Bluetooth.

Neuroon pricing

Neuroon is available to order online at a price of $ 299 + shipping.

Shipping is $ 24 to anywhere in the United States, $ 20 to most EU countries, and $ 27 to $ 31 for most other countries in the world. You can pay in dollars or in Japanese yen (it’s priced at ¥ 31.395).

You can buy exclusively online through Neuroon.

Who does Neuroon?

Neuroon is made by a company called Inteliclinic. The company raised $ 438,000 Kickstarter again in 2013. The company shipped products to all his supporters after two years, culminating in 2016 when May shipments have been extending support end . Then they released the system lucid dream in June 2016.

You can contact the company by calling (844) 663-8766 or email [email protected]

Inteliclinic is headquartered in San Francisco, but also has offices in Warsaw, Poland. The company is described as “an engineering firm specializing in artificial intelligence technologies and processing systems biological signals.” Neuroon is the flagship product of the company.

Inteliclinic is based in San Francisco the following address:

180 Sansome St.
San Francisco, CA 94104

You can get more information about the company on its website LinkedIn here:

Neuroon must be used to improve your sleep?

There is a “smart” version of just about everything these days. Neuroon is not the first company to try to launch a smart sleep mask, but the mask is smart sleep most successful in the market today. Thanks to Neuroon, you can improve your sleep cycle, enjoy lucid dreaming, avoid jet lag, and the experience of all other types of sleep-related benefits.

If optimized other parts of your life and now wants to focus on optimizing your sleep, then Neuroon may be the best way to do that.

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