NeuroFuzion – Healthy Natural Nootropic Brain Supplement?

NeuroFuzion is a nutritional supplement that provides a formula for mental support for your brain. This formula says support brain function, while promoting happiness. Here’s our opinion.

What is NeuroFuzion?

NeuroFuzion is a nootropic formula promises to help support brain health and mental vitality to help you stay sharp and focused. Priced at $ 50 for a one-month, NeuroFuzion sold online through

The supplement specifically refers to herself as a “formula for happiness and mental vitality.” by taking four capsules daily NeuroFuzion, you can supposedly “help brain function, promote happiness, sharpens the mind and encourage concentration and mental clarity”, according to manufacturers NeuroFuzion .

the supplement is made in the United States and claims to be GMO free, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at how this formula works.

How NeuroFuzion work?

NeuroFuzion lists your full card on the Internet ingredients. Unfortunately, most of the ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary formula :. so you know the names of the ingredients, but not We know of no dosing information

what do know is that NeuroFuzion contains ingredients such as zinc, lithium, Synapsa Bacopa, M. pruriens, passion flower, and herb St. Juan.

We know that the total dose of these ingredients adds to 1140mg per serving of 2 capsules, but do not know the individual dose breakdown.

However, NeuroFuzion manufacturers say that each ingredient has been chosen specifically for use in traditional medicine. Synapsa Bacopa, for example, is used in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify the body while Mucuna pruriens is a seed that serves as a direct precursor of dopamine in the body.

We do know the dose of two ingredients. We know that uses NeuroFuzion 300 mg lithium orotate 20 mg zinc orotate.

lithium orotate is something not normally seen in a nootropic supplement. In fact, when you Google “lithium orotate” NeuroFuzion manufacturers, Global Healing Center, are one of the first search results displayed. Clearly, Global Healing Center is a big fan of lithium orotate.

However, lithium orotate has not been approved by the FDA for the treatment of any medical condition, and no significant criticism or studies that show that has no beneficial effect on the body.

makes the state Mayo Clinic , however, that lithium is often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of acute mania or long-term. When used to treat these conditions, the lithium is prescribed at a dose of 300 mg to 600 mg.

Ultimately, the benefits of lithium nootropics are not clear, but the drug is sometimes used to treat mania. Without direct dosage information, clinical trials, or other data supporting the efficacy of NeuroFuzion is difficult to say whether or not it works as advertised.

However, note that Global Healing Center focuses on selling health food supplements: the ingredients can not always be supported by major scientific studies, but many people believe they work effectively, however,


price NeuroFuzion

NeuroFuzion is available for $ 49.95 from

All orders within the United States come with free shipping. All purchases also come with a 180 day money back guarantee. You can request a refund at any time within 180 days to get all of your money back.

Today, on the official website, NeuroFuzion has an average rating of 4.55 stars out of 5 with a total of 55 comments. Many customers are seniors who say they have noticed a better memory after using the supplement for a long period of time. Other reviewers claim they were able to cure anxiety problems.

Who does NeuroFuzion?

NeuroFuzion are made and sold online by a company called Global Healing Center. The formula itself was developed by Dr. Edward Group, described as “a pioneer of alternative medicine and expert in nutritional supplementation.”

The tablets are manufactured in the United States in a FDA registered facility. Global Healing Center is based in Houston, Texas, at the following address:.

2040 North Loop West, Ste 108

Houston, Texas 77018

You can call the company at 713-476-0016.

In addition to selling NeuroFuzion, the company manufactures a wide range of detox supplements, cleaning kits, products for skin care and nutritional supplements.

NeuroFuzion must be used to boost cognitive ability?

NeuroFuzion says it uses natural ingredients to enhance their cognitive capacity and make you happier. However, none of the ingredients of the formula are supported by a significant amount of science. Moreover, NeuroFuzion itself has never been studied. So all the benefits claimed by the manufacturer, Global Healing Center, are based on limited research and evidence.

For some people, it does not matter. Naturopathic medicine is rarely supported by significant evidence, but some people still believe that works to cure their conditions. There are dozens of reviews on the official website of Global Healing Center that say it works as advertised to treat anxiety, depression, poor memory, cognitive problems and other cognitive conditions dozen.

If you like the sound of NeuroFuzion and do not mind the lack of scientific evidence or clinical trials, then that is available for $ 50 for a one month

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