Natural Remedy Against Diabetes: Prepare Tea From This Plant

Clip blueberry leaves’ is a great tool against diabetes. This extract is also known as insulin herbal.

Tea against diabetes

ingredients needed:

  • 20 grams / 0.7 ounces of black mulberry leaves
  • 20 grams / 0.7 ounces of cranberry leaves
  • 20 grams / 0.7 ounces of ground ivy (Glechomahederacea)
  • 40 grams / 1.4 ounces of white pea pods

Method of preparation:

Mix all the above ingredients also. Take three tablespoons of this mixture and cook 15 minutes in a pint of water. Place the pot away from heat, cover and let stand for 3 hours yet.

You should consume three doses of this kind within a week.

cranberry cure acute and chronic internal diseases is valued, especially for children with typhoid and paratyphoid. This remedy can be used as additional therapy with antibiotics because the tea leaves and blueberry fruit kill germs of typhoid fever (paratyphoid makers) within 24 hours. This means you can also cure inflammation of the small and large intestine, because blueberries binds bacteria and their toxins, destroys infectious microbes, softens, strengthens and purifies the liver, cures conditions caused by disturbed digestion and food poisoning.

Blueberry tea can also effectively prevent acid formation of urine, which is particularly important for people suffering from gout.

freshly squeezed cranberry juice is one of the best natural remedies to rinse your mouth against ulcers, inflammation of the gums, tongue leukoplakia caused by smoking, etc. Keep cranberry juice in the mouth for a few minutes in order to eliminate bad breath. juice of fresh blueberries also eliminates red parasites (especially worms) and lowers cholesterol successfully.


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