A bruise it is a common skin lesion resulting in skin discoloration. Most bruises are formed when small blood vessels near the skin surface are broken by the impact of a blow or injury -. Often in the arms or legs

The can last days or months. You can get relief from the symptoms and accelerate the healing process with easy and effective home remedies.

natural remedies to get rid of the FAST bruises


The first thing to do right after of injury is to apply ice or a cold pack ice to the skin has not yet become black.

constricts blood vessels there and therefore helps stop internal bleeding under the skin. Ice also numbs and gets rid of the initial pain and inflammation.

ice wrap in a small cloth and placed on injured skin for 15 minutes. Do this immediately after getting the hematoma. Repeat every few hours during the first 24 hours. If ice is not available, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables instead.

Note: Never apply ice directly on the skin


Cayenne It has excellent healing properties. For centuries, the Chinese have used to help cayenne pepper bruises heal faster.

Mix one part cayenne pepper with five parts melted Vaseline and apply it to the bruise. Mix well and let cool before applying the solution to bruising. Apply this remedy daily until the bruise disappears.

This mixture the process of wound healing is accelerated. Be sure to test a small part of your skin for allergies to Cayenne.


Pain relief and mitigating properties found in onion makes it an eminent drug to treat wounds.

If the skin is not cut to the wound, then raw onions can be cut and stay on it. relief for the bruised area will be given.


Crush parsley and rub directly on the bruise. Parsley may contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help a hematoma fade faster.

Important: Sometime bruising can occur from falling, travel or other injury. This is a serious condition and an indication to consult your doctor. Bruising may also occur due to leukemia, anemia and hemophilia that are deadly, so consult your doctor immediately.


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