Natural Remedies For Lice & How To Prevent It

A simple homeopathic treatment rinse and hair care based on essential oils prevention! Yes you can treat and prevent lice naturally!

Natural Remedies For Lice & How To Prevent It!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor pretend to be one. I am sharing my story and what worked for us. I’m not sponsored by companies of products in this post. What happens is that I really like the product, they worked very well for us, and wanted to share. Product links are affiliate links, but provide no extra cost to you – the affiliate links help keep the information on the blog for free. Please know I would never recommend a product that was not going to use in my own family.

only it was the last thing on my mind as I sent my first kindergarten outside school full time * *.

“He’ll be fine so long” and “She was tired from her nap” and “I wonder if I made enough bags for she eat “ … .The all things were running through my mind.

But lice?

I had no idea. And I did not know how common it was to pick it up, especially for younger children who are constantly rubbing against each other game, or napping in the same space.

I literally never given a thought …

… to that email.

A few weeks after school got the email that lice have been found in some children after a routine head lice.

felt my stomach crawl. I immediately started researching how to avoid and how to get rid of him just in case. I started pulling her hair back every day and taught him about not sharing your hat or lying on the floor with his head in school. I had read some things about some essential oils that help repel, and began adding rosemary hair when we wash.

In the second letter a week later with more children being sent home, they decided not to have more children nap and would control head in the door.

This tactic worked and within a week or two it seemed that the lice took care of everything. Teachers took a break every week to pull children to check their heads (bless their hearts … I mean really!) And seemed under control.

Within a couple of months, I backed to pull your hair every day – that has this gorgeous curly hair and I hated that hides every day

Unfortunately! just before the Christmas holidays they called me.

They were sending * 6 * children home that day. including my own.

So I went to pick it up, and began what would be days to deal with a mountain of clothes the size of my house to make sure there was no other place … and find ways to get rid of lice in my hair sweet baby.

So here’s the thing. Lice do not care what kind of hair you have -. The clean hair, messy hair, brown hair, blond hair, thick hair, thin hair only hitch at all possible and if not removed or dead … continues to multiply.

I knew I had to kill lice and nits (eggs) her, but he also knew he did not want to put conventional pesticides as Nix in your body. As a result, lice have done what many bacteria have done in the presence of antibiotics … that have mutated to become resistant to pesticides counter that have used them for decades.

are more difficult to clean, harder to kill, and multiply … fast.

So here’s what we did!

eliminated 100% of lice and nits with all natural homeopathic kit , and went the rest of the school year without any lice using lice repelling essential oil based hair care !

Natural Remedies For Lice & How To Prevent It!

get rid of lice and nits (eggs) SUS

  • Natural Remedies For Lice & How To Prevent It! There are a handful of natural remedies treatment I read, we decided to use Quit Nits by Hyland of . This is a kit of homeopathic treatment and it worked BIG We have lice and nits in once -. I have said it is unlikely the “super lice” we have today. I know someone who had to do 2 rounds, but he did get everything after the second half. Nits (eggs) take up to two weeks to hatch, so you have to go through hair every day of children for about 2 weeks to make sure you got everything. Yes This part is tedious, but if you miss one can only mean a whole new outbreak.
  • The Quit Nits kills lice and their eggs – but still have to remove the real eggs after treatment. They adhere well to the hair shaft. If the next day is still showing eggs that seem “chubby” and “alive” (they can Google this to see what a nit live and dead nits look like) you have to do another round of treatment. It is not unusual to do a couple of rounds of treatment for lice get everything.
  • Once the treatment was carried out, I used a lice comb I picked up at the pharmacy and comb his hair, pulling eggs that were stuck to the hair and put them in a plastic bag to throw away. After that, I used the lice comb twice a day for a couple of days just to be sure you do not miss anything. And then every day for 2 weeks because eggs take so long to develop.

household management

  • Boil all combs, brushes, headbands, brooches, etc. to kill anything left behind on them . I ended up throwing our 2 brushes and buy new ones. I boiled pins, bands and combs and allow to air dry.
  • Wash the bedding up mattress in hot and dry high-temperature water. The same clothes and pajamas for children. I also made shoes.
  • No hats, coats, scarves, gloves, etc forget! Of course, ours happened in the middle of winter, so this needed to be washed including snow pants and boots.
  • The pillows and stuffed animals can be put in the dryer at high temperature for half an hour to kill everything. Lice can not live more than 3 days without a host, so you could alternatively just put all the stuffed animals in a plastic bag for a few days if you do not want them in the dryer.
  • * Check the whole family * – yes, even those with short hair – lice / eggs. I do not mean how much of a challenge this was a 3 year old and 1 year old, but it was worth knowing they were clear. I even had one of the masters of my daughter for my thick hair just to be sure. These teachers are quite surprising in detecting things!

lice prevention

  • Natural Remedies For Lice & How To Prevent It! I love the line Fairy Tales brand hair care . Fairy Tales is an essential care based hair oil according to everything from shampoo and conditioner to repel lice spray. NO harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parabens, sulfates, dairy products, gluten, nuts!
  • The mixture of essential oils of rosemary, citronella, tea tree and geranium oils used in the products are demonstrated clinically effective in preventing lice.
  • I used the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Conditioner once a week to wash the hair of girls, and then used the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel spray to make your hair in school days. The spray is light and smells good. a good detangler is well. Be sure to spray the nap of the neck and behind the ears as well, as it is where lice tend to gravitate. I do not think it smells too “feminine” for use in children either. I know a couple of people who use it in their children simply as something to wet hair to brush in the morning. Even just a couple of sprays by the hairline and ears should be good. Some of these children sent home during our outbreak school were boys – they can get it too
  • We avoid lice the rest of the year by the line of fairy tales, and there was an outbreak of more class during the school year. I was very pleased with the results.
  • Moreover, so far prevention, be sure to talk to your children about not sharing hats, scarves, coats, etc. I also talked to her for not laying on the floor with his head, and showed him how he could still hug their friends without the head and hair right next to yours (total thing girl!).

School starts in a couple of weeks! What I can do to be prepared?

With school starting soon, only stocked of Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Spray . I done been using for some this summer as a detangler in girls, but once school starts I’ll be spraying every school day. Let’s also be the use of Rosemary Repel Shampoo Fairy Tales and Repel Conditioner Fairy Tales Romero . I do not think needs hair be washed daily, so this is just something that I use once a week in girls – in fact everything I’ve read he says that lice adhere better to squeaky clean hair . I found the cheapest price on Amazon, but you can check supply stores for local salon -. There were a few around here that took him

And because they do not want to get stuck if it happens again … I grabbed a Quit Nits kit have on hand. I was able to pick up I used in my daughter in our local Walgreens – but it was the last on the shelf that day. I am one so grateful he was there -. I bought an extra on Amazon because the price was much cheaper than Walgreens

Happy healthy school year for you!

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