Natural Recipes Against Hemorrhoids: Potatoes And Olive Oil

There are many causes for hemorrhoids. No matter how it occurred, anyone who has a problem with them requires a solution. Hemorrhoids however, that the blood vessels are normally present in the area around the anus and rectum


represent various natural recipes against hemorrhoids.

Recipe against external hemorrhoids

ground a few pieces of potato. Pour olive oil over the potatoes to the ground. Then take a sterile gauze and place the pieces of potatoes in it. Then press the anus with gauze with potatoes in it and leave it like this (played to the anus) overnight.

Recipe against internal hemorrhoids

Making a potato stick a potato. The bar shaped piece of potato should contain only inside the potato, without their skins. Soak the piece of potato with olive oil and put it in its entirety on the right before going to bed. Leave on overnight. The piece is softened and check out through the feces.


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