Natural Home Remedies for Cold Sores

cold sores are also known as fever blisters. They are very common and have a good number of days to a couple of weeks to heal themselves. A virus called herpes simplex (type 1) virus is responsible for causing cold sores.

When particles of herpes simplex virus latent latent and active again, causing this particular skin problem. When the immune system fails to remove this virus, which results in the appearance and subsequent onset of cold sores. These sores are painful and ugly and generally occur around the mouth area.

The most commonly affected areas include the lips, nose, chin and cheeks. When they occur in the fingers, known as Herpes Whitlow. Cold sores are contagious in nature. More often than not, that can not be prevented completely, but natural home remedies for cold sores found success in facilitating the healing process and reduce the frequency of its appearance greatly.

Causes and Symptoms of cold sores

As mentioned above, is due to failure of the immune system keep away the herpes simplex virus that causes the outbreak of the virus that causes cold sores with it. Some of those conditions that adversely affect the immune system include colds, flu, stress, skin irritation, fatigue, sunburn, extreme temperatures, fever, local skin lesion, steroidal drugs, alcoholism and other similar factors.

Being a contagious medical condition, sharing eating utensils, towels and razors can be expanded to this infection. Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing herpes labialis.

A couple of days before the onset of a cold sore, the infected area becomes red, slightly raised and feels itchy or stingy. the way for painful, fluid-filled blisters open after that. These blisters usually burst and the liquid comes out and finally a yellowish crust forms on it indicating the ongoing healing process. It is observed that in most cases, herpes labialis tend to recur in the same steps. When the sores appear inside the mouth, they called oral thrush.

and natural home remedies for cold sores

  • lemon balm extract and witch hazel with its properties therapeutic are excellent natural home remedies for cold sores.
  • Applying alcohol or apple cider vinegar on the cold sore helps cure by drying the affected area.
  • Applying nail polish remover on the affected area is a rare home but effective remedy to cure this problem.
  • Aloe Vera juice, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil serve as effective natural home remedies for cold sores.
  • Applying the fresh green papaya juice is a very effective natural remedy in this regard.
  • The application of Echinacea on cold sores is another simple home remedy natural for these ulcers. It stimulates the immune system and prevents recurrence too.
  • Put some salt in the affected area and kept as it is for a couple of minutes is a treaty and the remedy used in the treatment of cold sores tested.
  • The use of olive leaf extract can act as a natural remedy for cold sore treatment at home and other viral infections.
  • Rubbing ice cubes on the affected area is one of the easiest possible home remedies for cold sore treatment.
  • The application of a hot tea on the affected area for about half an hour is beneficial in the treatment of cold sores.
  • Take a cup of boiling water and add 2 or 3 sage leaves and a small piece of ginger or ginger powder to it and bring to a boil. Drinking two to three cups of this tea daily is a common natural remedy to try relief from this problem.
  • Application of juice extracted from crushed garlic cloves is one of the most valuable natural home remedies for cold sores.

Diet for cold sores

Diet for cold sores should consist of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and helps in faster recovery of the skin. especially B vitamins and vitamin B is the most important in this vitamin. Lentils, potatoes, beans, bananas, eggs, seafood, mushrooms, yeast, watermelon, milk and dairy products are rich in vitamins B. The best way to stimulate the immune system is to include a variety of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in the regular diet. Yogurt has also been found beneficial in this regard.

Restrict intake of tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar as these items tend to worsen the situation. Peanuts, almonds, grains and seeds are rich in arginine which competes with the absorption of lysine which helps cure cold sores. Therefore, taking into smaller arginine rich foods will not interfere with the proper absorption of lysine thus aiding in the healing process.

People with autoimmune diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes and connective tissue disorders should consult their doctor before taking any natural home remedies involving different herbs.

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