Natural Healing Encyclopedia – 80 Life-Saving Tips

Encyclopedia Natural Healing is a book of 560 pages in which claims it has 80 reports of rescue with step by step instructions on how to live and be healthier. The author claims that the methods found in his book, can even defeat cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

The biggest question we have is – is Encyclopedia Natural Healing legit? After all, anything that claims to cure cancer needs to be looked at more closely. So how Natural Healing Encyclopedia stack up?

About the author

The author of the book mentions a naturopathic physician named Dr. Mark Stengler quite often. It is never mentioned that the real author is, but it sounds like a friend of Dr. Stengler.

A quick search of Dr. Stengler leads to a lot of information, and is presented as Dr. Stengler has been featured on PBS, Fox News, and Club 700.

the author states that the methods in this book have been developed by Dr. Stengler, who has years of research. – A naturopathic health care center in San Diego, which aims to cure patients of even the toughest operating conditions. Without spending a fortune

What’s in the Encyclopedia Natural Healing?

The Encyclopedia Natural Healing a book of 560 pages with reports saving 80 life is. These reports are supposed instructions and step by step details on how you can target specific parts of your health.

For example, there is a section that focuses exclusively on preventing heart attacks, and Dr. Stengler states that people who donate blood are 16 times less likely to have a heart attack.

also said that certain toxins are the cause of type 2 diabetes, which is not the traditional thinking that is the cause (overweight, genetics, etc.) Stengler even claims a method that can completely diabetes that does not involve drugs or surgery reverse.

Some of the statements made interesting in the book include:

– As a “coward vinegar” can help control blood sugar and combat diabetes (page 186)

– How 7 common drugs kill hearing and could cause you to become deaf (page 446)

– How is a Himalaya strange “caterpillar fungus” could be an innovative treatment for fatigue, impotence and kidney disease (page 143)

– How two tablespoons of a secret ingredient can relieve chronic constipation almost instantly (page 305)

– How one thing in your bathroom could be what all his sick family (page 430)

– How to extract jellyfish hitherto unknown can reverse the effects of cognitive decline and aging on the brain ( page 255)

How to Buy Encyclopedia Natural Healing

Technically, it is not necessary to buy the Encyclopedia Natural Healing. Instead, it is offered as a “gift” if you subscribe to the revelations of Health Bulletin Dr. Stengler, which will cost $ 74, unless you are at least 55 years of age, in which case the price falls to $ 37.

So essentially, you really can not just buy the encyclopedia, you have to register for the newsletter. According to Dr. Stengler, you can keep the encyclopaedia although discontinue use of the newsletter, or if you request a refund.

Encyclopedia natural healing is worth looking into?

While there is nothing wrong with naturopathy, there are some serious warning signs here. First, every time someone says known cure for cancer a secret, a huge alarm should go off. It’s not to say it is not possible that he has found something to treat certain types of cancer, but it is a very dangerous game to hear when someone is claiming to know a treatment for cancer that is not recognized by the rest of the industry Health.

also claiming to cure other diseases like Alzheimer and diabetes is also risky, especially since we know very little about Alzheimer’s disease, and we have not proven cure for either disease.

That said, some of the statements seem to have any scientific evidence behind them. There is evidence that certain herbal remedies can improve cognitive impairment and fatigue, impotence, and several other conditions can be improved by using a rare fungus.

In general, we think you should take the natural healing encyclopedia with a grain of salt. There is good information here, but there is also a lot of risk demands that had we prefer not touch.

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