Nations First Organic Drive Thru Restaurant Has Line Ups Out The Door


new drive-thru Amy also uses sustainably grown produce on their own roof. PHOTOS: ABC-7 Bay Area

fast food giants are in a huge surprise. The monopoly of the unit through the food industry is about to reach a high!

And if you were of a mind that fast food had to be greasy and cheap, think again! People seem to clearly choose the healthier option given the option. With more and more whole foods, vegans, vegetarians and restaurants open around the country, it was inevitable that sooner or later someone simply add a drive through lane. And Amy did!

first drive-thru completely organic the country has finally opened in California, with lines out the door as customers flock to have the opportunity to support what could be the biggest step forward for the industry ever.

new Amy Organic Drive-Thru restaurant opened in Rohnert Park, California, which offers a menu full of all the vegetarian items like veggie burgers, salads, and even macaroni and cheese, both in regular flavors and vegans.

signature frozen pizzas of the company have always been a bestseller in food stores and supermarkets across the country, and now first restaurant Amy they are serving hot with toppings ranging from spinach and diced tomatoes ( in its popular pizza margherita) to regulate mozzarella cheese and even “cHEEZE.” vegan


Amy menu includes pizza, veggie burgers and fries and more.

As reported by ABC-7 News in the Bay Area, the new Amy restaurant has been completely filled with long lines in the dining room and in the drive-thru, and reported waiting times of 15- 20 minutes.

Others have intervened in review sites Noting that they were pleased to see large crowds with lines going all the way to the door, reminiscent of another chain working to change the food system: Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose popularity is exploding at the same time that McDonald is failing.

“Five days and can barely keep up with demand,” he reported ABC-7 on the first week of Amy in business.

Manager Paul Schiefer was more than happy with the response.

“So many (have) occurred and has given us much hope that this is a concept that works.”

grown sustainably, GM free and tasty!

While other fast food restaurants import virtually all its products growing operations factory and give nothing to the community, Amy actually grows produce on site thanks to its rooftop garden wheel .

Amy, a company of organic frozen foods independently owned, also reportedly pays workers a living wage with health benefits and is believed to be the first vegetarian restaurant also fast food.

Want to create a report on the opening below and see the menu:

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