NASA Warns Massive Asteroid Is Heading Towards Earth TODAY

panic panic panic panic panic . NASA has confirmed that a giant asteroid mile long is heading toward Earth and brush your teeth ahead of us in a matter of hours.

Scientists have claimed that the rock, known as BO41 2004, will have a ‘pass near Earth’ this afternoon.

But do not stress too. The end is not near, as a ‘pass near Earth’ is not really that close at all – in fact, the asteroid will go beyond the Earth 7.3 million miles away (which is 30 times more away than the moon), reports the Daily Star .

He is known as a pass near Earth, simply because of the terribly big way it is the Universe.

However, do not stop completely panic at the moment, as NASA has also confirmed that a much smaller asteroid headed toward Earth at a speed of 31,000 mph. Why NASA is choosing to terrorize everyone today?

The smallest space rock, known as QL44, is 61 meters long and is expected to reach Earth or closely lose 17 September -. However, NASA have stated that they are very ‘uncertain’ about its flight path

Experts have said that if this meteor was to hit a city the size of London would have such a destructive impact as several nuclear bombs .

Asteroids by more scientists and more are being discovered every day, but alarmingly, only 10 percent of them actually be smeared.

Fortunately, if these asteroids not completely devastate the earth then the apocalypse annihilating the coming anyway year -. Or at least that’s what he believes radical this group

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