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cosmetics have a long and brilliant history. Many believe that the first cosmetics were used in North Africa, particularly Egypt. It was here that men and women use kohl to protect your eyes from sun burns. However, what many people do not know is that ancient Egyptians were also the first culture to try to find ways to use cosmetics to cover up signs of aging . From this ancient time, cosmetics can be seen, spreading worldwide and adjusted to suit all cultures and times they use.

The fact that the makeup has always played an important role in the history and reflects the culture of the time can be seen in recent decades, too. The darkest times of the 1990s, when he was in Gothic style, was reflected in the make-up through darker tones and deeper colors. The 2000s saw a return to brighter and brighter than once associated with 1980s colors And now, more and more emphasis will use makeup to enhance natural features, trying to keep it as smooth and effortless, at least in appearance as possible.

In recent years, there has been a change in the way the world sees makeup. While cosmetics were once considered a means to an end, the way makeup has progressed has become an art form. Women are able to use their skin and faces as his canvas, painting their artwork using powders, gels and liquids. And the end results are stunning, all as unique as the women who apply cosmetics.

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In order to support this change in the form of makeup, a line of makeup had to be created that provides women the versatility and freedom of expression they want in their cosmetics. Nars Cosmetics is able to provide this support, but it offers a wide variety of high quality products.

About Nars Cosmetics

Created by François Nars, the Nars Cosmetics product line was created to give lovers applying makeup supplies they need. Nars Cosmetics is all about the art behind cosmetics, recognizing that sometimes a woman can only be expressed through the way the makeup is applied. By keeping this respect for the art in the center of your business, Nars Cosmetics has been able to support and grow Cosmetics community for over two decades.

By offering women a full range of products and colors that are both classic and fashionable, Nars Cosmetics is able to help add a little extra to your wardrobe, supporting its expression of a unique style . The products offered by Nars Cosmetics are usable, translucent and concentrated in color, allowing its customers to the user a wide range of shades that are perfect for experience, especially when it comes to the nuances and richness that are so valued in cosmetics.

However, NARS Cosmetics is not just any old cosmetics company . Because the makeup and trends can change as fast as the wind, it is important to be aware of the needs of customers as well as new technology is constantly being released in this day and age now. By always striving to be on top, despite its reputation as a leader in the cosmetics industry, NARS Cosmetics is able to offer its customers the best of the best ever.

The creator of Nars Cosmetics

As mentioned above, the creator of Francois Nars Nars Cosmetics is. Using his creative vision to lead, NARS Cosmetics Nars created in 1994, basing its first release in its 12 bars iconic lips. Considered one of the most influential men when it comes to imaging, Nars is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to the manufacture of cosmetics. He deftly mixing color palettes to give all customers the high-end, fashionable looks for France, his country of origin, is famous.

Nars NARS Cosmetics began with a clear mission, which has driven every single product launch and every single design released in the last 22 years. Nars Cosmetics mission is to empower women so that they can both experiment and have fun with your makeup. Nars cosmetics line is able to do this by providing products and also teach women to enhance their natural beauty in their own unique ways.

Most importantly, Francois Nars believes that there are no rules when it comes to beauty. Everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty, and NARS Cosmetics is there to support this idea.

Products Offered by NARS Cosmetics

Due to the rich history Nars Cosmetics has, has created several hundred products. While these products are constantly updated, while others are being recalled, the fact remains that there are many options for those who want to try Nars Cosmetics.

A list of categories and subcategories, products offered by Nars Cosmetics can be found below.


  • -Lipstick
  • -Lip Gloss
  • Pencils -Lip
  • – Lip Brushes
  • -Blush
  • -Bronzer
  • -Multi-Use
  • Brushes -Cheek
  • -Foundation
  • -Concealer
  • -First
  • -Powder
  • -Face Brushes
  • -Face Palettes
  • -Foundation search
  • -Eyeshadow
  • -Eyeliner
  • -Mascara
  • -Brow
  • -Eyelashes
  • -Brushes and Tools
  • OJO Palettes
  • -Multiple
  • -Illuminator
  • -Body Glow
iconic Nars
  • Favorites -Discontinued
  • -Nails
  • -Orgasm Collection

Skin Care

  • -Cleansers
  • -Cartridge and Scrub
  • -serum
  • -Moisturizers
  • -Special Treatment
  • makeup removers
  • the primers
  • Tinted Moisturizer


  • of brushes face
  • brushes eye
  • brushes Cheek
  • Lip brushes
  • brushes eyebrows
  • Kabuki brushes
  • Nars Essential
  • Tools

Palettes and gifts

  • pallets eyes
  • Lip Palettes
  • Face Palettes
  • -PLAY frost
  • Day -PLAY
  • -PLAY unexpected
  • -PLAY X-Rated
  • -PLAY Mate
  • -PLAY Night
  • -PLAY Orgasm
  • eGift card
  • books and candles
  • online Exclusives

And these are just the major categories Nars Cosmetics is offered to buyers. In addition to these selections, there are new releases for each season, as well as discounted items. For those who want to try Nars Cosmetics, for the first time, visiting the section of the best sellers is a recommended first stop. Here, guests will find the best of the best, so they can be with some reassurance about their purchases.

Nars Pro

While Nars Cosmetics is known for its line of amazing and extensive products, it has also become known for being a safe haven for creative professionals to share and learn space. Part of this space can be found at Nars Pro. This is a benefit program membership that allows creatives, from makeup artists, nail technicians, photographers, and even students cosmetics, to have access to more of the world Nars Cosmetics that regular customers.

The purpose of Nars Pro is to provide professionals all possible to push forward in their careers help, but more importantly, his creative expression.

Nars Pro Palette

As mentioned several times before, NARS Cosmetics was created on the basis of that makeup is an art form and everyone who uses it is an artist in his own unique way. In order to support this individualism, NARS Cosmetics Nars Pro offers the palette. Several of the professionals who are part of Nars Pro have created their own color palettes, designed around your own customer wants or his own unique style. These palettes are available for sale on the website of Nars Cosmetics.

In addition to the cured palettes offered by Pro Palette Nars, NARS Cosmetics offers customers the opportunity to create your own palette. This process only emphasizes the importance of individuality is Nars Cosmetics. Customers can choose their colors, products, and design at ease, showing their creativity through Nars Cosmetics Pro Palette.

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