‘My Eyelash Extensions Made My Real Lashes Fall Out’

then began to fall, taking with them their natural eyelashes.

“I was on my cheekbones tabs in the sink , on my pillow, “says Erin. “It was horrible, of course, but also embarrassing because it would be out with friends and would be picking up the tabs from my face. I was like, ‘Excuse me while my beauty crumbles.’ “

Three weeks later, had fewer tabs before extensions. “My eyes were bald,” says Erin. “I’ve never had beautiful eyelashes, but when he fell, I felt I saw more clearly than ever.” Four months later, Erin natural lashes still have not fully returned. (Lose up to 25 pounds in two months, and look more radiant than ever, with Prevention younger again in 8 weeks plan !)

Pro Tips for safer fringe

When done properly, lash extensions should not ruin your natural lashes. If you are thinking of trying the Fuller-fringed trend, protect their assets with these tips from senior technicians:

1. Check credentials. Before you book an appointment, ask if the artist is certified eyelash extensions and what brand they use, reports Trina Smith, a brand ambassador NovaLash . “Then you can go online and verify certification, as most major brands have listed artist on its website,” Smith, who is based in Stevens Point, Michigan says. Ask to see pictures of his previous work, too, and make sure there are plenty of before and afters and likes what he sees. (These are DIY eight tips for incredible tabs .)

2. Check the technique. Several errors can sabotage your eyelashes applications-both false and true. most important, synthetic eyelashes should attach to a single natural eyelash. Confirm that the artist eyelashes extensions apply to one of the tabs at once, so your natural lashes can grow, rest and shed as they normally would. They also confirm that extensions can be wet, as some brands may not (and when they do, inevitably, can lead to eye irritation and possibly even infection, Smith says). Meanwhile, a well-trained technician should go easy on the tail: “The damage occurs when you use too much glue, causing the eyelashes to clump together,” and when one sheds tabs, leading others with it, says Courtney Buhler, CEO and founder of Sugarlash .

3. personal. Although false eyelashes can be removed in Sephora are a one size fits all, extensions are a custom job. “Never apply the same set of eyelash extensions twice,” says Buhler. There are several types, and come in different thicknesses and shapes. The technician should know what to use depending on the look you are looking for, says Buhler. You want to add length or read? Fill in a little strip? Or go full diva glamor? The technician should also evaluate your facial structure, bones of the forehead, and the natural base of the lashes before you start. “An artist of trained tabs know what is right for your bone structure and what your natural lashes can handle in length and weight,” says Buhler. Getting a variety of lengths tabs ensure your continuous strip of natural aspect as it grows out.

4. Make maintenance. While each brand has its own protocol extension, most recommend the toilet twice a day with a Spoolie clean mascara . Turn the stick through the tabs to remove dust, dirt and pollen and prevent tangling. You may also need to wash your tabs makes a daily-Sugarlash LashPure Eyelid Cleanser and makes NovaLash CleanLash ; both are designed to remove makeup and bacteria and condition lashes. Never lift, pull, or twist extensions, and try not to sleep with the crushed face in her pillow, because friction can weaken the bonds and cause lashes to fall faster. If you are careful, you can plan your new look range for six to eight weeks.

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