My Diet Is Better Than Yours Review

ABC recently premiered a new show called My diet is better than yours . Find out all you need to know about this new program today.

What is My diet is better than yours?

My diet is better than yours is a weight loss program ABC that follows a list of famous coaches.

The purpose of these trainers?

to use your own diet and fitness advice that overweight Americans fit.

Each coach implements its own diet and exercise plan a contestant assigned.

So far, ABC has ordered a 8 one-hour episodes. The season premiere of the series was released on January 7, 2016 at 8 / 7c.

The show was originally called diet Wars when it was sold to the grid again in September. The show is being produced by Productions Milojo along with executive producers Chris Coelen (CEO of Kinetic Content), Katie Griffin, and Susan House.

Who is involved?

One of the main trainers of celebrities participating in the program Shaun T , the man behind the program popular training beach body Madness, and Hip Hop Abs . He is the host of the program.

Besides Shaun T, five “Diet Stars” will tell the contestants that weight loss , including Carolyn James, Jovanka Ciares, Jay Cardiello, Dawn Jackson and James Abel.

Each coach is paired with a regular competitor overweight who wants to get in shape.

One of the twists to the show is that contestants can choose to remove the coaches of the series if you do not feel like the coach helps them hit their targets diet or fitness.

Types of diets used in the Hall

There are five different diets to be exhibited at the show, including:

– Plan Momma clean :. It promotes the burning of calories through performing different household tasks

– The wild diet :. A high-fat diet consists of foods that a man of the primitive caveman would have found in the real desert (similar to the paleo diet) combined with high intensity workouts

– super Exchange Diet :. Share their favorite sweet foods with healthier alternatives

– No diet plan and Plate method :. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and the other half with protein and carbohydrates

– Plan Smackdown Welfare: The objective detoxify your body use of herbs combined with a anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet


in total, six different diet programs and exercise will be tested throughout the course of the fair. As the creator, Chris Coelen, said in September

“There are thousands of diets that promise to help people lose weight, but the choice of diet that really works is a different matter . Our new format is available to narrow the choice by selecting six different diet plans and revolutionaries and for the first time in history, studies with these methods on television in an experiment in real life. “

, contestants judged?

Contestants will be evaluated throughout the duration of the show.

The tests will be performed by the famous coach Anna Kaiser, which will create different challenges and contestants are forced to work through these challenges.

The five metro Atlanta residents participating in the program include a radio producer and reporter for local television.

Each contestant can try a diet program or particular exercise, but can switch away from that program if you are not happy with it.

Where the Hall is taking place?

filming of My diet is better than yours has already wrapped. The show was filmed in Atlanta for 14 weeks in 2015.

Unlike other reality TV shows, contestants return home and continue with their daily lives during shooting.

not eliminated contestants. The five remain until the end

What did he win?

What is the motivation of the 14 weeks of diet and exercise in front of the television cameras?

The contestant who loses the most weight will win $ 50,000 in cash, along with $ 20,000 in free grocery stores Earthfare as well as a feature in People magazine.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution was able to identify contestants participating in the program before the show, even the air. This is the story behind some of the contestants:

Jasmin Queen

Jasmin is a mother Atlanta housewife who wants to get fit to run a half marathon, working with her husband, and fit into her wedding ring. She has been paired with fitness expert Dawn Jackson Blatner, who advocates a diet called the super exchange diet. In such a diet, their favorite foods are exchanged for healthier versions without refined sugar without snacks (sweet and although allowed alcohol).

Kurt Morgan

Kurt wants to play a more active role in their grandchildren’s lives and become “cool grandfather.” Kurt has paired with Abel James, who advocates the wild diet plan we talked about earlier. In that plan, which focus on the consumption of plant foods without carbohydrates. That is, however, still it allowed to eat meat, cheese, butter and chocolate.

Jeff Benedict

Jeff is a producer at 92.9 / The Game and says he has never taken a family photo due to its weight. He has been paired with Jay Cardiello with the aim of crossing the image of your to-do list. Jay advocates diet plan and not the plate method, which fill half your plate with vegetables and the other half with carbohydrates and proteins equal parts.

Latasha Givens

Latasha is a 11-Alive reporter based in Atlanta who wants to become a “clean mom.” She is competing with coach Carolyn Barnes, who advocates clean Momma Plan. This plan describes how daily life can change a mother an opportunity to burn calories. The aim of latasha is to fit into her wedding dress.

Taj Robinson

Taj wants to lose 67 pounds with the help of experts Jovanka Ciares. Jovanka calls for an economy based on detoxification and emphasizes maintaining a balanced diet diet. Your diet is called Plan Smackdown club, which advocates a vegetarian diet of anti-inflammatory herbs used to detoxify the body.

When the air show it?

My diet is better than yours will air through 8 one-hour episodes, with two one-hour episodes shown every Thursday. The season will be completed in early February 2016.

“My diet is better than yours,” can be seen at 9 p.m. Thursday for four weeks beginning Jan. 7, ABC. You can also watch live broadcasts of the episodes online.

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