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Muna Cosmetics is a distributor of several major brands of cosmetics and other celebrity product lines high-end. This is our opinion.

What is Muna cosmetics?

Finding the right products for your particular style can be a daunting task. You may think that the price of a product, no matter, but you can tell a lot about the quality of a product when you consider the price. value brands are generally cheaper, and for good reason. These companies may cut corners to make your products, but you want to make sure your cosmetics are able to withstand the passage of time during the day. That’s where it comes into cosmetics Muna.

Muna Cosmetics is a distributor / supplier of many different lines of cosmetics popular brands. The company has very limited information on its website about the beginning or requirements for the sale of each brand. In fact, beyond the web sites that are specifically funded by Muna Cosmetics, there is almost no information on the background of your company at all.

Muna Cosmetics Product Line

This company prides itself on the ability to serve people who have expensive tastes. There are several major brands included in the repertoire of the products listed, along with multiple product lines celebrity. These popular brands include:

  • Aliya Paris
  • Amouage
  • Arrid XX
  • Avon
  • Axe
  • Beyonce
  • Bismid Cosmetics
  • Britney Spears
  • Bvlgari
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carolina Herrera
  • carrot Glow
  • Cetaphil
  • Christian Dior
  • Clean & Clear
  • Clinique
  • Cocoa Glow
  • Credo
  • D H7
  • Dove
  • express Glow
  • Glow Extreme
  • Fair & White
  • Hugo Boss
  • kojie San
  • Lemon Glow
  • Makari
  • Mary Kay
  • Neutrogena
  • Nivea
  • Olay
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Palmer
  • Perry Ellis
  • Pure Glow
  • QEI + Paris
  • Right Guard
  • Sebamed
  • Soft
  • Usher
  • Versace

To for the latest on all the different versions of product and promotions information, you can follow the means of social communication page of the company on Facebook or Instagram. Often they published in its timeline for the promotion of the wide variety of products. The company lists a hyperlink to your blog, but clicking it will take an error page where it should be.

About Muna cosmetic products

By purchasing products from the website, you must select the specific currency. The company is based in Nigeria, which means you can get these products even less than you imagined amount. The product categories include:

  • Skin Care
  • Fragrances
  • Feminine Care
  • Makeup

skin Care

maintaining skin is extremely important. Whether you’re a teenager or a mature woman, Muna Cosmetics has products that can be used by all skin types. This category includes products such as shower supplies, facial cleansers and lotions. The price ranges from $ 2.50 for a deodorant roll-on by Avon, to $ 272.50 for Makari end active and intense argan oil toning system carrot beauty.


Whether you want to smell good for a date or for yourself, this company has the popular fragrances of many different celebrities. These exclusive formulas are often extremely expensive, when you buy locally. However, Muna Cosmetics has a low price of $ 27.50 for spray Versace Blue Jeans EDT, with the highest price Amouage fragrance welfare interlude of $ 250.00.

Feminine Care

When a woman is going through your time of the month, you need reliable feminine products to avoid ruining your clothes and embarrassing in public. Luckily, Muna Cosmetics understands the need for quality products. Unfortunately, no products listed as available at this time. According to the information indicated, this category should include:

  • wipes and wash
  • sanitary pads and tampons
  • removal
  • Magazines Women


as stated in the categories Muna Cosmetics, category makeup covers a lot of classic products used in their normal routine, like the lip color and nail products. However, none of these products are available for purchase on the website. Instead, you have two choices: Milk of magnesia Insured ($ 12.50) and Philips Milk of Magnesia ($ 11.50). None of these products appear to be properly categories. The list must have the products listed in the drop-down menu, which are:

  • Eye Makeup
  • of makeup face
  • Lips Make Up
  • Accessories
  • Nails

Communication with Muna Cosmetics

If you are unsure about a product, or need questions answered about your order, you need to fill their contact details on the form on the “contact Us” section. You will receive an email response, but no information about how long to wait for a response.

If you want to talk to someone about these products, you can call customer service. However, the company is headquartered in Nigeria, so you will have to deal with long-distance charges. The phone number of the company is 2347060926654, and the company is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM-4: 00 PM GMT. If you are on the east coast of the United States, which would be 3:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m..

To avoid long distance charges and deal with the difference in time zones, you can also be sent by email to [email protected] the company.


The company lists a wide variety of products for consumers to enjoy improving their cosmetics enjoyment. However, the main problem seems to be lack of communication. No information about the company on its website, or anywhere else. It is the responsibility of the consumer to determine whether the site is safe enough for your financial information.

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