Multipe Sclerosis–Adapting to a World That Doesn’t Care About My Illness

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Consideration means careful thought. Some synonyms are “thinking”, “deliberation”, “meditation” and “reflection”. Basically, think before you act or speak. As a person with multiple chronic diseases, I am constantly to adapt to a world that does not suit me.

The world does not care how I feel. Never mind that my mind does not work the same rate as it used to, or at the same rate as someone without Multiple Sclerosis . No matter that I have periods of time where I can not find the right word for the right situation. He does not care about the time, due to the loss of this word always seems to happen at the most appropriate time.

The world does not care that I got what should be enough sleep, but it still feels as if he had not slept for decades. No matter that most of the time do not sleep more than an hour or two at a time, and some nights I do not sleep at all. The world is not going to stop just because I’m in pain or fatigue, much as I would at least slow down a bit.

No, it’s just flat refuses, and I wished really hard. The world runs on a schedule from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and he does not care that my agenda, my body, this pattern is not followed.

I have to talk about my exhausted body, full of pain at work with a schedule that does not suit it, and sometimes simply can not. I can not always do it. Sometimes I have to shut the world – the world is not considered my needs. I have to expect the world to meet me because of my health less than stellar? Of course not. To expect that the world is not so cruel.

I was hoping everything would not be so difficult. I was hoping it would not be so hard to get the medical care they need – not always fighting with insurance companies or doctor’s offices. I do not want to fight with my work. I want you to understand that it is not I who is unreliable, it is my health.

I’d give anything to be free of pain even one hour. I want the Ellie used to be back. Before all this pain. Before I was so sick. But there is an old and a new Ellie Ellie. Ellie just there. Ellie has no filters and usually says things that he thinks will not say. Ellie can follow, with passion, nothing and nothing, all at once.

‘m just Ellie, and I want the world easier. I feel I reluctantly signed for the fight of my life, and I’m not a fighter. I am a lover of peace. If I have to fight, I will, and when push me to fight, I win. I think the world would be easier if we were more considerate. Can not we all just get along? Stop fighting.

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