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is difficult to get healthy and fit. The struggle to get fit is, in fact, one of the big reasons is a serious health epidemic in the Western world. While there are several factors to consider when looking at the difficulties of getting in shape, one seems to be above others: People just do not have time

The truth is that week. work is much longer in this day and age it was two or three decades ago. And, with increasing technological advances and constant interconnectivity between people and their work, people in the workforce today are more likely to take work home. Between checking and responding to emails, working on reports, grading papers or preparing presentations, work is cutting into valuable personal time.

With this increased workload and decreased time to pursue personal desires and needs, fewer people have time to go to the gym, let alone put in a good amount of work to actually achieve their fitness goals. While there are several Training DVD and other fitness facilities so that people do in their homes, very few of them offer support, or equipment, users can find in gyms.

Move It is working to change the way you do your home gym. Not only provide users with multiple fitness equipment options, but also allows users to connect with their mobile and social platform. By connecting people to each other, Move has created a new environment for people who want to regain control of your fitness and health.

What is Move It?

Move It is a system of personal fitness that allows users to connect to their social platform so they can track their progress, explore different uses for the system to move it, and share your progress with others online. Move a gym is considered smart house and while the aspect of connectivity is amazing, its versatility has also become a fast favorite among those who want an option to work at home.

The movement of equipment is an all-in-one. This piece of modern equipment and elegant look is able to provide users with four different training options, combining muscle building and cardio in an integrated system improve overall fitness . And because moving was created to be used at home, it comes with a very compact design, so it can be stored anywhere and take up very little space.

The goal of the movement is to create an easy system for people to use at home to get in shape. However, combining this with the social aspect of moving, the home gym system is able to offer users the same feeling they get when working in a gym. Your online community will work to promote and push them so they can achieve their fitness goals faster and more effectively.

Currently, Move is only in its early stages. It is conducting a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to start the first phase of product release.

Benefits of moving

Again, being fit is difficult. This is moving making work was so easy as possible for people with busy schedules and limited budgets. With the purchase of a piece of equipment, users can get all the benefits of going to a big gym, including community support but do not have to pay huge fees or take time out of their busy days and go to and from the gym . By keeping this objective in the focus of its design, Move It has been able to provide users with several amazing benefits.

The first benefit of moving is actually more of a feature. Considered the heart of the move are sensory handles. These handles are made with 3D gyro, pressure, radio frequency and infrared sensors. All these are placed on the easy-grip, durable aluminum frame. The hands of the move are able to connect to all training equipment movement created by him, so constantly can provide information and support to users.

As mentioned above, smart handles on the move have multiple sensors in which seven to be exact. These seven sensory detection methods, which are being added as new technology emerges, work to detect and provide guidance to users so they can get the most out of all the unique exercises offered by move.

In addition to its many sensors, smart handles also provide users with real-time synchronization. When combined with the move application, smart handles are able to provide users with exercise date in real time. This rapid and efficient information allows users get visual feedback they need while exercising, something that is not available in any gym.

Everyone knows that one of the worst things about computer that connects to a phone is that you can empty the batter from both the phone and the device used. However, handles intelligent system that moves were created to avoid this problem. Shooters work through Bluetooth connections, helping with the batter efficiency. And, they are also able to enter into a saving mode of the mass, so that users can work longer without hindrance.

While having a connection with the phone is a very important feature for the Smart Drive movement, the creators of the device to know that not everyone wants to be checking your phone every few minutes to check your progress . In order to make things more convenient, smart move handles equipped with LED lights indication. These lights use various colors to publicize the status of the handles.

training equipment included in move

As mentioned above, the central point of movement is to exercise at home easier. When creating a piece of equipment breaks down into four different pieces of work out devices, the movement also leads the gym at home in a way that is more effective than anything seen before.

The first piece of equipment included with Move is an ab wheel. This wheel is perfect for toning the core and creating a foundation for good health. The ab wheel in motion detect three different exercises, the standard deployment, deployment left side and right side deployment.

The second piece of equipment that is on the move is a jump rope, cardio perfect option for those who want to burn fat fast. Using smart handles, Move can detect three different forms of exercises with the jump rope, standard jumps, jumps back, and jumps intersect.

Another feature of building muscles , the movement also includes a mounting plate. For those who want to grow the muscles of the arms and back, the plate holder is ideal for computer use. And, as mentioned above equipment, smart handles connected to the support plate also detects three different forms of exercise. These exercises are the standard plate, the width of iron, iron and narrow.

The last piece of equipment included with the movement is also its most versatile. Smart handles are attached to a resistance band, which can be used for a number of unique and useful exercises. The resistance band included with the Move system is actually able to detect a record seven years. These exercises include:

  • arm left extension
  • This extension arm
  • Extension shoulder
  • Front Flies
  • shoulder flies
  • shoulder fly rotation
  • forearm squatting extension

by providing users with many training options and keeping connected things, the movement is busy transforming how people house training.

The move App

The key to finding an effective workout and sticking to it is often finding the support and guidance to move forward. Increasingly, experts have found that people are more successful when they reach their goals together. Because of this relationship between the community and effectiveness, Move has created an application that allows users to track their own progress, but also share their progress and struggles with others.

The move application includes several key features that help distinguish it from other applications on the market. These features include:

  • orientation in real time
  • effective programs
  • Challenge
  • Find a workout friend
  • Statistics stored in the cloud
  • Rep Counting
  • tracking calories
  • Time tracking
  • Pictures of Actions

application it is available on Apple and Android devices.

Buying Move It

movement is still in its prototype stage, which means that there will still be some time before it is available for direct purchase. However, for those who are interested in getting a move as soon as possible, can make a donation in the Indiegogo and get one of the limited amounts pledged.

There are several advantages available and the amounts Perk, for those interested in getting a move before it hits the market. These advantages and prices are listed below.

  • move Classic – $ 169 plus shipping
  • Move It Six Pack Special – $ 189 plus shipping
  • Early Bird Special Duo – $ 298 plus shipping
  • family and special friends – $ 745 plus shipping
  • special District – $ 745 plus shipping

the application is free to download on phones from Apple and Android.

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