Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

Most conventional tea brands as Lipton, Allegro, celestial Seasonings, Tazo, Teavana, Bigelow, Republic of tea, Twinings, Yogi tea Forte, powerful leaf, Trader Joe’s, Tetley c ontain very high levels of toxic substances such as fluoride and pesticides. We are not talking of calcium fluoride, which is a natural element, but on the synthetic fluoride is a toxic product. These levels are dangerously high to the point of being considered unsafe. So drinking cheap tea can be as bad as eating junk food.

cheap tea contains fluoride and pesticides

Most teas are not washed before drying, therefore non-organic teas contain pesticide residues. Some brands of tea (! even organic or free claimed pesticide ) have recently been found to contain pesticides that are known carcinogens – in excess of the limits of the United States and the European Union amounts

a new study published in the journal of Food Research International , it was found that cheaper blends contain enough fluoride to put people at the risk of many diseases like tooth bone, kidney problems and even cancer.

In fact, some brands of cheap tea contain about 7 parts per million (ppm) and the allowable level of fluoride is 4 ppm. This is pretty scary as fluoride gets into the bones and accumulates in your body. He stays there for years.

So how do I get fluoride in tea?

The tea plant accumulates as it grows fluoride. This means that old leaves contain most fluoride. cheaper quality teas are often made from old sheets containing more fluoride than the young leaves of tea (here’s an example) . In addition, these cheaper brands use smaller sheets that contain more fluoride.

And what about decaffeinated tea?

Well, decaffeinated tea showed high levels of fluoride caffeinated tea.

So what is the solution? You should stop drinking tea together? Of course not!

  • First, make sure you buy loose leaf tea and prepare your tea from scratch. tea, which may seem convenient and ready to go in bags, often is made from low quality leaves that surely contain more fluoride.
  • stick to white tea (here) . It has the least amount of fluoride.
  • Buy organic tea because farming methods are more sophisticated and aware. They could even use purified water to the ground.

just scratched the surface here, please check out the full report Feeding baby for more detailed information and a chart of which teas came out with his reputation intact – and Please share with your friends tea lover!


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