Monster Beard Care – Healthy Beard Grooming Kits?

Barba Monster , which is in is a line of care products beard as salves, oils and waxes. Here is our opinion Barba Monster.

What is Monster’s beard?

Barba Monster is a line of care products to help you grow a beard one, healthier, more vibrant look beard strong. Products include oils, balms, waxes, soaps, brushes, and more.

By using products daily Barba Monster, you can supposedly “improve health, appearance, and even the texture of the beard,” according to the manufacturer.

The company was founded in Georgia, but has since moved to Washington. The founder, Austin, initially began selling products monster beard on Etsy.

Products monster Beard

Barba Monster is proud of its product, claiming that products are developed independently and thoroughly tested and perfected over the years.

The products are divided into seven basic categories, including Barba oil , kits Full Beard, balm, balsam and oil Combos, mustache wax, Beard wash and accessories

Barba oil

  • Beard oil sample Pack – $ 18
  • Vampire Hunter Beard oil – $ 10
  • Viking Beard oil – $ 10
  • Four horsemen oil Barba – $ 15
  • ghostly pirate Beard oil – $ 10
  • the creature Beard oil – $ 10
  • Barba oil Brew witch – $ 10
  • Zombie Killer beard oil – $ 10
  • Wolfman beard oil – $ 10
  • Garden beard oil Death – $ 10
  • Witch Doctor Beard oil – $ 10
  • Pie Barba oil – $ 10
  • Invisible man Beard oil (unscented) – $ 10
  • ectoplasm Barba oil

beard oil Each comes with a unique fragrance. Most fragrances from natural ingredients. Bigfoot oil beard, for example, uses cedar as its main ingredient and also has “a very subtle hint of licorice” to give your beard a woodsy smell.

beard All oils come with creative product packaging, including examples and colorful illustrations. A complete description of all oils and aromas beard is available online at

If you choose oil beard Wolfman, then you can also buy a number of other products in the Wolfman lineup, including Beard beard washes and waxes. Products with the same name have similar odors.

Complete Kits Barba

Monster sells complete kits Barba Beard, either in a wooden box or bag. These beard kits come with all the products you need to take care of your beard. You can buy either the wooden box full Barba Kit for $ 60 or bag for $ 50

Both teams come with the following materials:

  • Beard Oil (1 oz )
  • Barba Balm
  • mustache wax
  • Facial Wash
  • Wood Barba comb
  • brush boar bristle
  • custom Barba box Monster beard (the wooden box that comes with version $ 60)

beard balms

  • ghostly pirate Barba Balm – $ 10
  • Barba Foot Balm – $ 10
  • Zombie Killer Barba Balm – $ 10
  • The creature Barba Balm – $ 10
  • Viking Beard Balm – $ 10
  • Vampire Hunter beard Balm – $ 10
  • Wolfman Barba Balm – $ 10
  • the Brew balm beard – $ 10
  • the Four horsemen of the beard Balm – $ 15
  • ectoplasm Barba Balm – $ 10

balms all come with different aromas. However, they are made of the same base, which includes organic local bees wax, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, meadowfoam, and vegetable glycerin. By using the daily balm, you can condition the beard and provide grip to style it.

balm and oil Combos

Barba Monster again sells a combo where you can combine an oil beard with a balm beard. So if you want microbrew Barba Balm and Oil Witch Witch’s Brew beard, you can do that.

  • Barba Barba and Balsam Oil Combo Set – $ 18.99

mustache wax

The promise mustache wax to nourish your mustache and keep it straight. They are made of natural ingredients, including beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils for fragrance. All waxes are adamant also include lanolin to help strengthen their styling properties.

  • the murderer Zombie mustache wax – $ 6
  • The monster mustache wax – $ 6
  • the Garden Death mustache wax – $ 6
  • Vampire Hunter wax mustache – $ 6
  • Wolfman wax mustache – $ 6
  • ghostly pirate Moustache wax – $ 6
  • Witch Doctor wax mustache – $ 6
  • ectoplasm mustache wax – $ 6
  • Viking mustache wax – $ 6
  • the Brew mustache wax – $ 6
  • Bigfoot mustache wax – $ 6

Barba Washes

beard experts know that you should not wash with regular shampoo beard. According to Beard Monster, which dry “like crazy”. By using a moisturizer designed specifically for washing beard facial hair, you can ensure that your beard continues to grow long and strong.

All washes Monster beard beard are made of Castile soap and aloe gel mixed with jojoba oil, almond oil, seed oil and meadowfoam. They are also equipped with the same fragrances that you see in other products monster beard -. As Zombie Killer and Wolfman

All washes beard are priced at $ 10


Barba Monster sells a wide range of accessories that offer brand Monster beard Beard . The best accessories include:

  • Monster Barba Barba wooden comb – $ 10
  • brush boar bristles – $ 5
  • Military Boar Bristle Brush – 5 $ (Medium – $ 7)
  • Switchblade mustache comb – $ 6

boar bristle brushes are particularly effective in distributing oil through your hair. They have been used in the head hair for centuries as an effective hair treatment. From beard hair is notoriously dry, mixing the oil with a beard beard comb can help stimulate healthy growth.

About beard monster

As mentioned above, Beard Monster was released by a resident of Georgia, USA Austin called. After launching on Etsy, Austin has since moved his business to Washington.

Austin says it has been using facial hair as it has been able to grow facial hair, and has experimented with a number of different styles in recent years.

Like many boys, Austin did not realize the importance of oil beard until recently. He took a bottle store-bought oil at $ 18 and enjoyed how effective it was -., but was surprised to realize that most contained only olive oil (the same material used for cooking) mixed with some fragrance

Austin realized he could make better oils beard at a cheaper price, which is when he started to create their own oils and releasing them on Etsy. Soon, he explains on its website About Us, “oils were bringing enough money to qualify as a full-time job.”

Eventually, Austin add balms, waxes and soaps beard to its list of products. He says its products can be found in a growing number of stores in several countries and are used by thousands of bearded men worldwide.

You can contact the Monster Barba here:

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