Momma’s Honey Lemon Rejuvenation Tea

Momma's Honey Lemon Rejuvenation Tea Confession.

I love coffee.

No. I said. True lovers * sigh * if you want, but it’s true.

Not even love for caffeine if you must know, although this mom 3 children under 4 years certainly benefits from it some days. I love the taste. I love the heat. It’s my happy place some chaotic days. Most days I only have one cup in the morning and I’m fine. Some days I need a little place of happy afternoon , but while I’m trying to nursing and also to replenish my body from pregnancy / childbirth / delivery / breast-feeding is probably not the smartest thing I could be drinking more than once a day.

So it is 13:07

Children have been up since 6:41 in the morning.

it is blessed naptime, and have not stopped from the time those children opened their eyes.

Time to catch his breath. Read through some emails. And let’s be honest, scroll through Blogger or Facebook for an hour … * ahem * … a few minutes.

Lately instead of grabbing another cup of coffee to drink while I rest for a few minutes, I’ve been making this honey lemon tea. Not really a “tea” since there is no dripping herbs, but heating and as satisfying as coffee for an afternoon drink.

Momma's Honey Lemon Rejuvination Tea Not to mention achieve my goal to work on healing and replenishing * me *. spend so much time talking about how to feed our children, but there is no way you can focus on feeding if momma is not healthy.

To tell the truth, I’m actually dealing with some exacerbations of thyroid and issue adrenal since my last delivery, and I’ve been in denial about the need to focus in care of myself. giving Myself a break. Leaving myself sit for a while during nap to recover instead of picking up the living room floor or scrub the pot. And zeroing in my attention on specific areas of need that my body has.

Lemons are not only a great source of vitamin C (which we can all use when our bodies are under stress from lack of sleep and the fight against cold insects the germy preschool leave), but lemons to cleanse the liver and aid digestion. There is a myriad of other benefits have lemons into your daily routine, and just got too much water is great. There are many days when I get to nap and I can not even remember if he had anything to drink since breakfast -. And I can say I’m dehydrated

Momma's Honey Lemon Rejuvination Tea The pinch of salt marina is there for your adrenals. I’m willing to bet almost everyone (especially Momma almost all) can benefit from some adrenal support. Stress comes with the territory Mom hood, but that does not mean you can not do anything about it. When you can not do much about the fact that you are up at night with babies, just take the extra step to do what you * can * do to replenish your adrenals. sea salt royal will balance of electrolytes, minerals, and adrenal function.

Momma's Honey Lemon Rejuvination Tea Raw honey is another good source of minerals to replenish your body, along with some vitamins. It can also help in digestion. Not just added there because it tastes good! But it helps, and prevents me from reaching something sweet to snack in the afternoon. If you can find the local raw honey that will give the most benefit. Ask around at farmers markets. We have Local raw honey in our markets, but we’re going to a local health food store about 20 minutes for large tubs at a better price.

Momma's Honey Lemon Rejuvination Tea can also give a stir coconut oil in your drink. Especially I do if I need an energy boost like coffee obtained from works every time -. I literally feel that perk me up within 15 minutes of having coconut oil. It also helps maintain milk supply for breastfeeding.

So few simple ingredients and my mood is collected, my adrenal glands are nourished, my body is cooled. and I’m ready to take on the rest of the afternoon full of old questions four years, poop diapers, disputes over who will go first, glasses of milk, colored pencils on the table … gushed and on and on !
5.0 of 1 reviews Print honey lemon rejuvenation tea mom Author: Renee – www. Ingredients

  • 1 ½ cups water filtered hot
  • The juice of 1 lemon (I get big bags of organic lemons at Costco)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey (local if possible)
  • pinch or 2 of sea salt to taste (try to get in as much as you can and it ends up being a good ⅛ teaspoon)
  • Optional tSP-ish coconut oil if they are especially in need of an energy boost


  1. Everything in the cup of hot water and give a stir .


  • here is a good sea salt if you do not have access locally. I get this sea salt in our store only cheaper groceries. Anything that has some color to it as the Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt is good.
  • here is a bit of good raw honey if you do not have access locally.
  • This drink is also great when you (or children) feel sick – skip pedialyte and Gatorade -. This works best and has all the rubbish
  • pack warm in a thermos to take with you at work for that letdown 14:00.
  • I love my simple lemon squeezer :) I have nothing fancy, but this sure all the juice takes lemons! And it’s a quick rinse to clean!

So here is my challenge to this tribe Mom! Come back to me this week and tell me how you took care of yourself! It need not be – might be a nap, a walk around the neighborhood, a bathroom after bedtime

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