Mobile Radiation – How it kills?


More than two billion cell phone users are being exposed to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation every day. What is surprising is that (EMR) -dangers government regulators and industry cellular refuse to admit exist.


the cell phone radiation is known to cause genetic damage, brain dysfunction, brain tumors and other conditions such as disorders Sleep and headaches.

The cell phone manufacturers are fully aware of the dangers. Some cell phone manufacturers, in fact, extend the contracts with the guarantee of the product itself, which prohibit sue the cell phone manufacturer or service provider in a lawsuit by the affected user. Much of the public is still very ignorant of the dangers, while the media regularly disseminates new studies showing cell phones are completely safe to use

George Carlo, PhD , JD, is a medical epidemiologist and scientist from 1993 to 1999, he led the first and study of the telecommunications industry with largest on the dangers of cell phone use backup. But the industry itself that hired him, gave him the boot when his work revealed preventable health risks associated with cell phone use.

A cell phone is basically a radio device that sends signals as waves, to a base station. The carrier signal generates two types of radiation fields: a plume near-field and far-field plume. Living organisms also generate electromagnetic fields to basic cellular level; this is called the bio-field. Both near-field and far-field columns of smoke from cell phones and on the environment can wreak havoc on the bio-field human, and when the bio field is compromised in any way, serious health risks are required to have place –

This is what happens:

  • the cellular energy is now used for protection rather than metabolism. Cell membranes harden, maintaining nutrients and waste products outside in.
  • waste that accumulate within cells creates a higher concentration of free radicals, leading to disruption of both DNA repair (micronucleus) and cellular dysfunction.
  • occurs cell death unwanted release the micronucleus DNA repair altered in the fluid between cells (interstitial fluid), where they are free to replicate and proliferate. This, says Dr. Carlo, is the most likely mechanism contributing to cancer.
  • damage occurs to proteins in the cell membrane, resulting in the interruption of intercellular communication. When cells can not communicate with each other, the result tissue, organ, and organism function deteriorates. Blood-brain barrier, for example, cells can not keep reaching dangerous chemicals brain tissue, resulting in damage.

So, is there any scientific way of combating health risks?

There are a few precautions that can help in the long run. These are –

  1. Avoid holding the cell phone in your shirt pocket or even in the pocket to stay away from impotence caused by radiation.
  2. we do not allow cell phones within 100 meters of children under 5 years. Children who are not exposed to cell phone radiation before in their lives tend to live longer and healthier lives.
  3. Do not sleep with cell phones near or even in bed! That is a brain tumor to happen!
  4. Do not talk long hours with cell phone next to his ear. Use good quality headphones in place.
  5. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables and enroll in a yoga class early in the morning. Without your cell phone, please.

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