MLB Player Dee Gordon’s Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone & Clostebol PED Review

second baseman Miami Marlins’ Dee Gordon was suspended 80 games after today positive for developing countries. Gordon found elevated levels of testosterone and clostebol on your system. Here are 5 quick facts you need to know about the historic suspension of Dee Gordon.

Who is Dee Gordon?

Dee Gordon is a two-time All-Star who just signed a five-year, $ 50 million contract extension this season after hitting .333 a prolific season. He is the reigning National League batting.

The second base 28 is known as one of the smallest players in baseball, weighing just 171 pounds and 5 foot foot 11. In his rookie season, Dee he weighed 144 lbs .

He was traded to the Marlins in a trade from Los Angeles last season. Besides his batting crown, Gordon won a title stolen bases last season, stealing 58 bases. Oh, and he won a Gold Glove for his defensive record. – Although he spent two weeks on the disabled list with a dislocated thumb last July

This season, the offensive prowess Gordon has continued. He was hitting .267, .283, .344 with six stolen bases so far this season. Meanwhile, his defensive play has remained strong.

Dee Gordon is the son of former major league pitcher Tom Gordon. He was born on April 22, 1988 in Windermere, Florida and made his debut in the majors in 2011 with the Dodgers.

The Marlins sit on a .500 record for the season starting Friday morning.

is one of several striking suspensions this week

Major League Baseball has suspended Chris Colabello for Toronto after he tested positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone 80 games. Colabello claims to have no idea how that drug in your body.

That makes Gordon’s fifth MLB player suspended for PED use this season. Other players suspended before Gordon and Colabello include Phillies pitcher Daniel Stumpf, Indians outfielder Abraham Almonte and Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia.

Mets pitcher Mejia is banned from Major League Baseball for life after he tested positive for PED use third time.

Gordon claims he did not knowingly take drugs

Dee Gordon has issued a statement saying he did not intentionally took PED. Instead, it states that, without knowing it, “ingested something containing banned substances.”

Gordon refers to more than 20 previous drug tests that has passed throughout his career baseball as proof that he is not a cheater.

For what it’s worth, Toronto Chris Colabello, suspended last week for 80 games for using PED week, said the same. Gordon and Colabello tested positive for substances difference, although both maintain that they have no idea how the drug entered his system.

However, it is important to note that neither Gordon nor Colabello actually refuse to positive. None of them are calling the inaccurate tests.

Meanwhile, Marlins president David Samson did not show exactly up for your player when he made the following statements:

“Dee Gordon is a very important part of our team, and they all love it, and we support it. that said, I do not like, or tolerate, what he did. he is an important member of this organization and will be for many years to come. it’s a huge, huge disappointment “.

Clearly, Samson can not be denied that the use of PED was carried out.

What exactly are banned substances, testosterone and clostebol?

Gordon tested positive for the use of two banned substances. Including testosterone derived externally clostebol, a Anabolic steroids

clostebol is considered a weak steroid anabolics. It was first used by East German athletes to gain a competitive advantage. Ranked substances in Schedule IV in the United States, clostebol is essentially a chlorinated version of testosterone. This prevents chlorination testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and also prevents estrogen becomes.

Usually clostebol it is taken by intravenous injection.

Meanwhile, the presence of exogenous testosterone (testosterone ie not produced by the body) is very engaging. When the MLB uses the word “exogenous” means that they believe that testosterone was not produced by the body of Gordon, but not received by external doses. Anabolic steroids work of most raise testosterone levels – either directly or indirectly. elevated testosterone levels beyond the normal range are an important indicator of PED use .

Can Positive test for clostebol without injecting

One of the strange things about clostebol is that there have been numerous reports in the last decade of the athletes who tested positive for the drug despite claiming that they never took.

In this study, for example , it was found that athletes test positive for clostebol after having sex with women who take certain gynecological products. That study also mentions other reports that a drug test can detect clostebol after taking legal pharmaceutical drugs.

However, the FDA has not approved the use of drugs or clostebol in gynecological products in the United States -. So few people believe if Dee Gordon tried to make this argument

One reason clostebol is very popular among athletes is that it is chemically very similar to testosterone. After clostebol enters the body, which mimics testosterone. Your body goes clostebol time breaking down, instead of breaking its own testosterone.

When you analyze normal testosterone, estrogen becomes, which is considered counterproductive muscle growth . Clostebol basically distracts breakdown of testosterone your body to keep high testosterone levels, lower estrogen levels, and leave few traces in your body.

are also remarkably few side effects. Obviously, this did not prevent Gordon from being captured. But it is unlikely that Gordon is the only MLB player having clostebol and similar steroids.

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