Mix These Ingredients For Homemade Healthy Toothpaste!


There is no product that can magically remove coffee stains, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages teeth. But this recipe for homemade pasta and very natural teeth will do wonders for your smile.

all known that the toothpaste we buy on the market contain chemicals that are harmful to our health, especially since we use it for years Nos.

Everything you need to their pasta at home healthy teeth are the following ingredients :. Baking powder, coconut oil and mint (or other oil such as orange), and a container is needed where you store your toothpaste

Preparation: Put five tablespoons of baking powder in a container, then put four tablespoons of coconut oil and put 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil and mix


baking powder will whiten your teeth, coconut oil has an antibacterial effect, and peppermint oil freshen breath

Source: http://denar.mk/119804/zdravje/pomeshajte-gi-ovie-tri-sostojki-domashna-pasta-za-zabi-koja-ke-ve-voodushevi

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