Microwave Cooking .. Harmful Or Not?

One of the biggest myths is connected with the food and its preparation. Many of us can not imagine cooking without microwave; microwave is considered one of the most essential elements necessary for life, but there are also people who are against the use of microwaves.

Microwave Cooking ..  Harmful Or Not

The main complaint for the microwave is the fact that kills all the nutrients from food.

For example think more deeply for spinach. Does the spinach will lose all nutrients couple of minutes in the microwave, or the old traditional way of cooking.

also must take into account the fact that certain nutrients are dissolved only exposed at high temperature.

is normal food to lose some of the nutrients in the cooking process, but still must be aware that the best way to preserve food is to cook fast, it is less exposed to heat and small quantities or liquids. -., Says Catherine Adam Hants, who is an expert in food Microwave Cooking ..  Harmful Or Not.

And vitamin B and vitamin C are susceptible to water and heat, but research shows that vegetables microwave can keep these vitamins better if boiled or steamed.

Scientists said another element that is very important when the microwave oven is used. That element are the dishes that is cooking the food. Always be sure to use containers that are made of materials that can be used in the microwave, since otherwise endanger their health by using undue dishes.

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