MicroTouch’s Sonic Groom Hair Trimming Technology

Personal masculine care is always a difficult issue. While many men simply prefer to use a razor to remove, trim and style your facial hair, others are looking for a more sophisticated technology that makes the process easier.

If you belong to the latter category, then you probably have spent some time trying different products on the market and finally found this review. After all, it makes sense – the Sonic boyfriend by Micro Touch has been getting much attention lately. As one of the most popular technologies and innovative male grooming market, it is right that this product is as popular as it is.

Here is a review of SonicGroom by Micro Touch so you can make a final decision.

About the SonicGroom by Micro Touch

The SonicGroom by Micro Touch is one of the latest body-trimmers on the market. Not only helps the style, remove, and facial hair fashion – but it does for all other hair on your body. One of the main factors of innovation of this product is that it is driven by the electric technology. Instead of using a razor blade that can nick your skin, this product uses micro vibration to achieve the desired result.

The micro vibrations lend themselves to a more hurried and more accurate shaving. While there is no direct statement from the company as to how fast the vibrations are many reason that it is about 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. This high rate is enough to cut quickly and easily your hair. Another great quality product is that it is created by Micro Touch. Micro Touch is recognized for its innovative and high quality products and is based on the current analysis, this product is not different from everyone else that has occurred.

safe for all your needs manscaping

Many men are afraid of manscape in areas other than your face because of the delicacy of other regions in the body. The great thing about the SonicGroom is that it is designed to make it easier and more accessible manscaping for the rest of your body.

Unlike most hair removal products and hairstyle, SonicGroom not use a blade that can nick. Instead, the barber has an electric razor that provides a close shave. Just to illustrate the way the blade is harmless, you simply use on your face for the first time. In doing so, you will realize that the abuser has no way to harm your face. As a result, it can be used elsewhere, without having to worry about problems that arise. As Mark mentioned, it can be used to “groom from head to toe.”

The shaver is most commonly used to make beads, mustaches, sideburns, chest, body, chest, and also for retouching haircuts. With the wide range of uses, you can use this nifty little tool to take care of all your hair care needs.

How does SonicGroom


At this point you may be wondering how the technology works. Fair enough -. understanding of how a product will certainly help you make your final decision


In this case, the SonicGroom uses micro electrical vibrations which affect the skin. When this going any further, the hair stands up more, thus giving the tool electric hair removal easier access. Easy access to the surface of your skin allows more embarrassed than most conventional razors shaving. In addition, about 10,000 vibrations per minute mico, you can be sure that the hair removal process is quick and effortless.

What you receive with the SonicGroom

The SonicGroom comes with a number of tools to make the process easier hair removal. Here’s what you get when you order the grooming device:

advanced adjustment of the head.

The head advanced cutting is the main sheet used against your skin. It generates electrical vibrations which allow the hair removal process. The place can also be removed so you can clean the device occasionally dead skin cells and hair lock into the cracks.

The cleaning brush

Since the device is small enough, you also need a brush that can be easily cleaned. Fortunately, the company also sends a small cleaning brush that is just right for this device. You can remove the cutting head and cleaning the spaces where dead skin cells and hair can accumulate.

Snap Guides

The snap on the guides are designed for situations where you are trying to remove the longer hair. In most cases, I will apply to longer beard, head hair and side burns. With this addition, you can get a shave professional looking, without paying the professional cost.

Micro-Foil shaving heads

Finally, the device also comes with a shaving head micro-aluminum. This type of shaver is ideal for electrical devices because when the device vibrates, it is able to catch more hair. With the razor aluminum, the cut is also closer and it takes less time to shave. On the downside, compared to a rotary machine razor, razor blade not last as long and is also less reliable at times.

Cost and money back guarantee

The Sonic boyfriend is extremely profitable. The device usually costs $ 39.99 can also be purchased at a discounted price in some shops retail online for $ 19.99. It is not known how long this discount though. Also, if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee of 60 days starting from the date of purchase.

Note that certainly guarantee applies to orders placed on the website of the product. However, it is unclear whether the money back guarantee when you purchase from a third party applies. If this is a concern for you, then you should check with the retailer in relation to their police return.


Whether you are a man looking for a product of better toilet or woman who wants to buy your partner a gift, this device is an optimal solution. The nifty little device makes the toilet manscaping extremely easy. Furthermore, additional components that come with the device are easy to use, they can be cleaned, and bonuses to the purchase of the product are also added.

In general, based on product quality and comments online, chances are you are bound to be satisfied.

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