Methi seeds have many health benefits, try these 5 home remedies

Have you ever wondered what gives the gherkins in India the taste that hits your mouth? Well, in most cases that tingling taste comes from fenugreek seeds (Methi)! These seeds are also responsible for the nutty aroma in many Indian curries.

Fenugreek is found mainly in the Mediterranean countries, as well as in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. India is one of the largest fenugreek producers in the world, with 80 percent of the production in the state of Rajasthan.

Fenugreek leaves are used dry or fresh. Fenugreek seeds are used as they are, and they are also germinated and used as micro-greens. In the kitchen, fenugreek seeds act as stabilizers, flavoring agents and thickeners.

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5 Home remedies using Methi or fenugreek seeds

Here are some quick home remedies with Methi seeds

1. Breastfeeding tea


This tea should have almost immediate effects on the increase in milk supply, usually within 24 hours. Continue drinking tea until an adequate supply system has been established.

2. Fenugreek cataplasm


The paste helps treat any pain or inflammation in the area, and is more effective than over-the-counter medications or medications.

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3. Toner to lose weight


This water helps eliminate toxins and reduces water retention and swelling. It also reduces appetite and overeating throughout the day.

4. Anti-aging face package


This package addresses several problems at the same time: it reduces fat, eliminates acne scars and pimples and also brings a natural shine.

5. Fenugreek hair package


This hair pack reduces hair loss by strengthening it and also gives a natural shine incomparable with any conditioner.

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Benefits for the health of fenugreek seeds

In addition to its uses in the kitchen, fenugreek seeds have also been used in alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Ayurveda considers fenugreek as an excellent food for people with a kapha dosha.

Here are some health benefits over fenugreek seeds.

1. Increase lactation

Fenugreek seeds are well known for increasing milk production in nursing mothers.
Fenugreek seeds are well known for increasing milk production in nursing mothers.
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Breast milk is the only food recommended for babies in the first six months, which makes low milk supply a serious problem. Fenugreek seeds are well known for increasing milk production in nursing mothers, which in turn helps babies gain weight. This is due to the properties of the galactogogue of the seeds, which stimulate the milk ducts to increase the supply.

2. Reduce inflammation

Fenugreek seeds have certain compounds, including flavonoids, that offer several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Fenugreek seeds are used directly or as a poultice to cure pain, swelling and joint injuries.

3. Strengthens hair

Fenugreek seeds are an important ingredient in traditional remedies to strengthen hair. The seeds contain proteins and nutrients that strengthen the roots. Potassium in seeds also helps prevent premature aging, while nicotinic acid and lecithin stimulate the growth of follicles.

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4. Improves the health of the skin

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek seeds are used to cure skin problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation and excessive fat. Niacin, calcium and vitamin A in the skin help reduce oil production. The natural fiber in the seeds also makes them an excellent exfoliant.

5. The digestion of AIDS.

Fenugreek seeds contain water-soluble fiber that relieves constipation and regularizes bowel movements. They also help against digestive problems such as heart burns, and their effects are as good as those of an antacid. In fact, fenugreek seeds are often used in diet plans to treat ulcerative colitis.

6. Reduces menstrual pain

Fenugreek seeds work as effective analgesics.
Fenugreek seeds work as effective analgesics.
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Dysmenorrhea or painful menstrual cramps can be very limiting, and fenugreek seeds work as effective analgesics for it. They contain compounds that mimic estrogen, such as diosgenin and isoflavones, which provide almost immediate pain relief.

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Tips for buying and storing fenugreek seeds

It is best to buy whole fenugreek seeds and grind them at home when necessary. Since the aroma of the seeds diminishes quickly, it is better to grind small quantities at the same time. Choose seeds with a golden yellow color with uniform size and strong aroma. Organic seeds tend to taste better than others.

When stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, the seeds will last up to a year, although the powder will only stay fresh for a few weeks. The best way to dry the fenugreek roast is to roast in a hot pan over medium heat for 2-3 minutes, tossing the seeds until they turn brown.

Although fenugreek is mostly safe for consumption, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and children. Those who are allergic to peanuts or chickpeas may also be allergic to fenugreek.

Fenugreek seeds can trigger uterine contractions, so they are not recommended for pregnant women or who have some kind of medical problem with hormones.

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