Meteorite Powder Consigned to Dept of Daft

Not long ago, I received a press release on Foreo Moon Night Cleanser ($ 35.95). What drew attention was the phrase “powder meteorite found in Night Cleanser it contains rare elements that clean and very gently but effectively exfoliate to purify and soften the skin.” Meteor dust? Is it real meteorite powder, ie, solid pieces of remains of asteroids or comets. The material has been whizzing through outer space and survived the impact with the surface of the Earth?

My mind was racing immediately to the speed of light. dust in the cleaner had killed a dinosaur? How would you go to get meteor dust? It is removed? Now that I think about it, are not relatively rare meteorites? At least rare as to be sprayed on a cleaning ingredient of the skin? I needed answers to my questions.

If Google powder meteorites, not much comes out of the planet Foreo. Well, except for a cute GIF options to make your own meteorite with sand, flour and cocoa powder. Could be the ingredients of a cleaning product.

So I decided to go a little deeper into the whole issue of meteorites. I wanted to know how much time passed meteorite on earth anyway.

According to Ask an Astronomer estimates of the amount of matter meteorites landing on Earth each year range from 37.000 to 78.000 tons. Most of this is the dust particles of size. A 1996 study (looking at the number of meteorites found in the deserts with time) calculated that objects in the size range of 10 grams to 1 kg, 2.900 to 7.300 kilograms per year reach Earth. But most meteorites are too small to actually fall all the way to the surface.

Much of the material meteorite coming down to Earth is dust. That’s powder. Dust that could enter a cleaning product. But how would a – Foreo – pick. Do you have a giant vacuum pointing to the heavens?

Now remember that Foreo speaks of “rare earth” to “purify the skin.” This brings me to my next question. What is a meteorite composed? About 86% of the meteorites that fall on Earth are chondrites. Mostly fused silica, but the organic matter has been found, such as amino acids (which are in us). Baby, we are all stardust alone!

Most meteorites are objects out there in the sand waiting to be picked up. There are well documented 38.660 meteorites, according to Wikipedia . There are many amateur meteorite hunter and I imagine that fan across the Great Plains each with a kind of Geiger counter crank, a large magnet and dressed in a sweatshirt emblazoned Foreo.

But why do delivery of a meteorite Foreo when eBay, where they told me, meteorites recovery “$ 300.00 per gram or more -. Which means a meteorite 1 pound may be worth a million dollars “

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