Men Need Progesterone, Too

often receive the question: The answer is absolutely and here is why

“Men need progesterone, too.?” progesterone, known as an important endocrine regulator in women, helps to counteract the effects of estrogen in the male body. Unfortunately most men never are told that progesterone is a precursor of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Therefore, men begin to age, testosterone begins to decrease, while estrogen levels begin to rise. This increase in estrogen levels is what causes to progesterone levels fall which in turn causes testosterone levels to fall.

Did you know?
Most people believe that progesterone is a hormone feminization. However, the male body is actually based on progesterone to maintain masculinity.

If you are approaching middle age (35 or older), or if he is a man of any age, symptoms andropause (male menopause) may be affecting how you feel . Just as it is important for women to pay attention to their hormone levels, so it is for men. Also keep in mind that men with low levels of progesterone have an increased risk of developing health problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, prostatic and prostate cancer. Certainly, the effects of progesterone in men are remarkable, especially during the years of andropause.

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why men need progesterone, too:

  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • support fertility
  • Supports DHEA levels healthy
  • Supports muscle mass healthy with exercise
  • Supports healthy mood
  • decreases the risk of prostate cancer
  • Supports healthy
  • libido

  • Supports healthy erectile function
  • Supports sugar regulation healthy blood
  • decreases estrogen in men
  • helps mobilize fat for energy and regulates weight
  • Significantly protects against varicose veins and heart disease
  • it supports the production of healthy nitric oxide
  • As inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, which helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the ” bad “testosterone
  • supports and enhances healthy sleep


the use of bioidentical progesterone for healthy hormonal balance in men

may take just a little dressage for the male ego to actually use the same product to your spouse used to maintain hormonal balance. However, the use of bioidentical progesterone is safe and can help achieve the hormonal balance in healthy men that results in relieving many of the symptoms of andropause (male menopause).

The first thing to do, before using any type of natural hormone replacement therapy is to establish the need for measuring saliva levels of sex hormones. A test Saliva not only measure your hormone levels, but also provide a baseline from which you can compare their levels of annual hormone. Remember, this is strike the right balance of hormones, and not allow the pendulum to swing too far in either direction, thus creating an imbalance of another kind.

In addition to testing testosterone levels, all men should consider other Saliva hormones tested to get a clearer picture of what your hormone levels appear image. This includes estrogen, progesterone, cortisol (stress hormone), DHEA and thyroid. Hormones are like a three-legged stool with sex hormones, stress hormone and thyroid hormones as each leg. If one leg moves, the others will be affected.

The second thing to do, once established need, is to choose a bioidentical progesterone cream that is made with pharmaceutical grade USP progesterone (not wild yam extract). Make sure the cream base contains no toxic chemicals or herbs found in the estrogenic nature. Read the ingredients label carefully and do some research on the components that are unfamiliar.

Most doctors suggest the use of progesterone 10 to 12 mg every other day. Men should use progesterone cream without taking days off. The use must be divided and used twice daily. Apply progesterone cream to areas of the body that have good circulation, but they are not high in fat. These areas include the wrist, back of the neck, top of the feet, hands and basically any place where blood vessels can be seen. Do not use fatty areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., as this may cause the progesterone buildup. I recommend rotary application sites with each use. If you are using oasis of serenity, progesterone cream, which is progesterone cream that I recommend, the male would use 1/32 of a teaspoon twice a day. (You can buy measuring spoons on It is very important to be as accurate as possible in the administration of progesterone and using the cream every day. NOTE: It is very difficult to measure this small amount of progesterone from a pump bottle that is how some progesterone creams for women packaged. Even trying to get half of a pump is difficult. The use of a cream is packaged in a jar to measure the right amount.

is also important to know that while the use of USP progesterone can alleviate many of the concerns that we associate with andropause, can not help with some of the problems of sexual dysfunction, especially if they are the result of other health problems. Sometimes hormone replacement will solve impotence, but not always. If you begin to see improvement in other symptoms, but still impotence, it is always best to see a health professional with expertise to determine if there is another health problem to address.

testosterone and estrogen in men

Dr. John R. Lee, who was a recognized authority on the hormonal balance and laid the groundwork for the use bioidentical progesterone in women and men, had the following thoughts about testosterone and estrogen in men:

Although the level of estradiol in a year-middle-aged man, 50 usually higher than his female counterpart, man, because of their normally higher level of testosterone will not develop breasts. However, as men age, their estradiol levels increase slowly [estopuedeocurrirpormuchasrazonesperoprincipalmenteacausadelosbombardeosdelosxenoestrógenostóxicosennuestromedioambienteaguaalimentosyproductosdecuidadopersonal)ylosnivelesdeprogesteronaytestosteronacomienzanacaerlentamenteLosefectosdeestradiolsubendebidoaqueelniveldetestosteronanoeslosuficientementegrandeparaequilibrarlosacontinuaciónelequilibriohormonalseveafectadaengranmedidaloqueresultaenmenosbeneficiosdelatestosterona

estrogen dominance stimulates cell growth and proliferation breast endometrial cells in women. In men, estrogen dominance also stimulates the growth of breast cells and prostate hypertrophy.

is important to know. estrogen dominance is responsible for most breast cancers and is the only known cause of endometrial cancer in women. Since the male prostate is the equivalent of the female uterus embryos it should not be surprising that estrogen dominance is also a major cause of prostate cancer.

One more thing … Transfer Hormones

Men, if your wife uses estrogen, either transdermally or vaginal, be aware transfer estrogen. Here are some recommendations to prevent transfer of the hormone. Women should also be aware of the transfer of the hormone if their partners are using transdermal testosterone.

  • Apply creams natural hormone in the body areas that will not come into contact with people or pets.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after applying the cream of hormones. You can also use a latex glove to apply the cream (box 100 costs about $ 3). Discard gloves after each use.
  • users hormone creams should always use bath and hand towels.
  • hormonal transfer can also occur through clothing and bedding.
  • Women who are using a vaginal estrogen cream should avoid sex with a male partner for at least 2-3 hours.

Summary: In men, natural progesterone has many health benefits support healthy energy levels for prostate cancer screening. In my opinion, men over 35 years old should perform a baseline test saliva. If the test is compatible with a need, men should supplement daily with good quality progesterone cream as oasis of serenity. As always, it is best to find a doctor who is knowledgeable in the use of replacement therapy bioidentical hormones as well as the use of hormone test saliva. professionals with knowledge will be able to have a story in depth and make specific recommendations that will benefit your particular hormone needs and monitor progress performed for hormonal balance.


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