Medical Marijuana Legalized On Entire Continent Of Australia The U.S. will be next…

Australia’s population is roughly 23 million – while the US It has approximately 318 million potential medical marijuana patients. Anyway -. legislators in the country has just legalized medical marijuana for the whole country, with a vote made by the Parliament of Australia on Wednesday

The Sydney Morning Herald reports lawmakers in the Senate have officially put its stamp of approval on the amendment of the narcotics Act, which, in turn, lead to the creation of an authority to oversee the licensing of farms cannabis and distribution nationwide medical marijuana product. People will be allowed to grow their own medical marijuana from Perth to Melbourne to Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef.

Health Minister Sussan Law, said in a statement:

“This is a historic day for Australia and the many defenders who have fought long and hard to tackle the stigma around products of medicinal cannabis and real patients are not treated as criminals. This is the missing piece of the journey the treatment of a patient, and [we] Now he’ll transparent access products of medicinal cannabis local farm production to the pharmacy. ”

The details of legalization are still being developed by the federal government of the nation, but patients with a valid prescription will have access to both purchase and grow their own cannabis products. it is expected that specific types of marijuana is still permitted under discussion, with an initial crop to be planted in a few months.

Lucy Haslam launched a campaign to leglaize medical marijauan in Australia, after her son, Daniel, died last year from bowel cancer.

When petitioning Parliament to reform marijuana laws in the nation, Haslam told lawmakers that uses cannabis to control nausea and vomiting your child experiences as a result of chemotherapy treatments.


Haslam after hearing Parliament’s decision:

“[Daniel] would really be at peace today but did not want to die … would give peace of mind that this will help. so many Australians. I think he would be proud. “

there will be policy issues to overcome them, as well as a learning curve for physicians who are not well versed in the prescription of the pot, but allowing the medical cannabis for patients of an entire continent – which is an example the US He could surely bear to.

Australian lawmakers say they are fully prepared to reintroduce legislation in the future to address any problems that may arise from the legalization of medical marijuana.


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