Maybe You Aren’t Gluten Intolerant. Maybe You’re Just Poison Intolerant

Many of you have probably had the unpleasant experience of having their blood tested in order to confirm if you are gluten intolerant, and yes, most of you are simply said “No, you’re crazy.” Some are very sick before they cut wheat off the menu.

This has happened so many people who pass the test of anti-gliadin, but they are still unaware that their health problems are directly associated with the food they eat.

Well, today you can be pretty sure why this is so. The test results were correct. It is not gluten intolerant, but intolerant poison.

An amazing real item will be sure to put it all together for you. (Read the entire piece of Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist).

“protocol harvest standard wheat in the United States is to soak the wheat fields with Roundup several days before harvesting work through the fields such as fades, dead wheat plants are less demanding on agricultural equipment and allows an earlier, easier and larger “harvest.

application Pre-harvest Roundup, a herbicide, and many other herbicides “enriched” with glyphosate, a deadly active ingredient, for wheat and barley, which is supposed to serve as a desiccant, was already suggested in 1980.

in the community of conventional agriculture this has become routine over the past 15 years and the used as drying agent 7-10 days before harvest.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT, who made an investigation based on this issue and was present on the topic in the nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, said non-drying using organic wheat just before harvest glyphosate actually became fashionable in the 1990s, and as a result, most of the non-organic wheat in the States is contaminated with it.

Seneff also added that when the wheat is exposed to toxins such as glyphosate, can release more seeds, resulting in a slightly higher performance: “It’s going to seed” because go dead. In his last breath, the seed is released. “

The United States Department of Agriculture says that from 2012, 99% of durum wheat, 97% wheat spring, and 61% of winter wheat have been “enriched” with Roundup, which was of course considered part of the main proess harvest. This has led to an increase of 88% for durum wheat, 91% for wheat spring and about 47% for winter wheat since 1998.

is pretty awful to discover that this toxin added to the foods we eat few days before harvest. it is the more toxic herbicide prevails there, and is associated with all kinds of health problems worse, it can not be removed -.. it is milled with wheat together and ends up in our sacks of flour, breads and our favorite desserts

This is a great explanation of why some people with severe symptoms can eat einkorn wheat gluten organic products. It need not mean that is the heritage of einkorn -. Maybe just not “enriched” with glyphosate

modern agriculture kill us. Check this little summary of glyphosate

The first study showed that glyphosate can increase cell proliferation of breast cancer in parts per billion range.

A more alarming study, which was accepted for publication in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology last month, it was found that glyphosate, the world’s most commonly used herbicides thanks to the great use genetically modified agriculture can lead to estrogen receptor mediated breast cancer cell proliferation in parts per infinitesimal trillion.

The study entitled “Glyphosate induces cell growth of human breast cancer through estrogen receptors,” compared the effect of this toxin in the cell lines of breast cancer hormone dependent and hormone-independent, and found that glyphosate can stimulate hormone-dependent cancer cell lines in what scientists describe as “low concentrations and environmentally relevant”.

Another study related to this issue showed that consumption of glyphosate may damage the intestines, which is the beginning of a large number of human diseases, including diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, heart, obesity, autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Another classification of certain foods allergic emerge and be recognized for its negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

These foods are known as GMOs or Ges. Yes, we are talking about genetically modified organisms. A scientific research indicating intestinal damage by genetically modified foods induced in the article “Suppression of glyphosate cytochrome P450 enzymes and synthesis of amino acids by the intestinal microbiome Pathways to modern disease” shows how the large amount of pesticides sprayed on OMG hazardous waste actually leaves GMO crops, which of course are linked to modern diseases.

According to the Organic Consumers Association:

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world. According to the EPA, at least 208 million tons of Roundup were sprayed on transgenic crops, pastures and roadsides in 2006 and 2007. In 2007, as much as 185 million pounds of glyphosate was used by US farmers, double the amount used only six years ago.

A study in 2009 showed that each year Americans use about 100 million pounds of glyphosate in their lawns and gardens.

almost certainly consider that these figures are much higher now. Why is it then? The GM crops are now invaded by new strains of “superweeds” that are ressistant herbicides and require greater amounts of poison.

Beyond Pesticides has provided ample evidence of past research associating glyphosate to an increased risk of cancer, neurotoxicity and birth defects, eye and skin irritation pathways respiratory, pulmonary congestion, increased respiratory rate, damaged pancreas, kidney and testis.

Glyphosae endangers the environment as well. Destroys soil and plants, and as shown above, which is linked to a number of health risks. EPA’s earlier decision to increase the permitted level of residues of glyphosate is now out of date, affects health and the environment, and of course is scientifically untenable.

All the problems that link to gluten intolerance may actually be related to glyphosate exposure. This direct access terrible agriculture can create an epidemic across the country.

A man bought a loaf of organic sourdough to serve with beef stew homemade.

He was surprised not to fight with any abdominal pain, bloating and stomach discomfort after eating. And, yes, his first thought was “I ate some bread and I’m still alive!” How sad is that?

The article by Sara blew our minds because when we checked in, all inconsistencies with the most common problems of gluten began to make sense.

This explains why you can eat delicious Italian pasta, and also why baked products of organic bakery odd not make you sick. This is the answer to the problem, this explains blood tests that indicate that you have problems with gluten, despite your gut does not agree with that.

Say No to Big Food. Be more careful about your portfolio and do not eat foods containing wheat poisoned. Avoid eating wheat products completely or just go for organic whole wheat products.

You can now modify the family diet. It is less expensive to buy a bag of organic flour gluten flour used to make your favorite baked goods and pancakes.

Yes, probably Bloodworks showed the exact results. Perhaps it is not gluten intolerant at all. Perhaps you are intolerant poisonous substances.

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