Massive Upper Back Dumbbell Workout

dumbbell workout

Here is a murderer dumbbell workout that will help add unconditional mass, width and total thickness of the dorsal! If you are looking to put in a lot of dough, pay attention so you can be in the right to have the muscular body you’ve always wanted way.

Mike Chang shows us how it’s done and gives us an easy step by step demonstration on how to do the exercises correctly. As always, be sure to focus on using good form and get the full stretch back.

This exercise will help you design a toned and muscular V-shaped upper body you can be proud when you are in the pool!

Make sure you are focusing on proper form it is essential to the safety and effectiveness of these exercises!

incorporate these exercises with dumbbells unconditional bulk up its mass in the back and also help strengthen your body in general!

breakdown video (Times, you must watch):

do 4 sets of 8 repetitions for each exercise

exercise demonstration:

2:50 lateral side bent arm

3:01 high bent over rows

3:20 High rows with one arm

3:27 Hunched over superset shrugs with secondary side (on the roof)

Start training

at 4:21 of the video started warming dumbbell, at 4:31 start training!

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your doctor before starting any program weight loss or exercise. I’m not a medical professional. General information shown here is not intended to substitute or replace your health care professional. Reliance on information published here is strictly at your own risk.

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