Man Beats Terminal Cancer Without Chemo Using High-fat Ketogenic Diet!

The ketogenic diet has become very popular, and for a very good reason – it has good potential to treat cancer


However, this high fat diet low carb is not a new invention, since it was developed in 1920 at the John Hopkins Hospital for children suffering from epilepsy.

It has been found that children who do not respond to anticonvulsant drugs, gave positive answers to the ketogenic diet.

The name originates feeding regime of “ketones”. Ketones are the source of vitality exchange supplied to the brain when the body reaches a state of “ketosis”. Ketosis can come by fasting or by eating a routine of eating high-fat with not many starches, limiting the creation of insulin. Coconut oil is thought to be the best fixation on a ketogenic diet as requesting the fastest ketosis.

As indicated by a scan, the ketogenc diet starves cells of the disease. In fact, even the restaurant group reinforces this nomination, in their attempt to make medical mimic the effects of the ketogenic diet. The motivation behind why their attempt to build the drug is on the basis that individuals can not without much of a stretch to leave the sugar and carbohydrates prepared.

In any case, with a strong will, everyone can perfect this eating routine. Many people found ways to beat tumor, infection reverse Alzheimer stop seizures, beat diabetes, get fit, and much more because of this feeding routine.

In the video below Mancaruso is Joe, a man who figured out how to beat stage 4 lung-tumor with a ketogenic eating routine, activity and positive life. As a result of chemotherapy offered and given only 6 months of life, it was concluded that he had to spend his last 6 months eating sound and improve their lifestyle. It was at that time a survivor of the disease once in 1985, when he beat testicular tumor. Today, Joe is sans growth for the second half.


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